Local Elections 2020

PMFR Endorsements - November 2020

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4 year terms

Sparks City Council Ward 1


Challenger: Wendy Stolyarov

Wendy Stolyarov

Progressive candidate Wendy Stolyarov has stated she backs a Reno-style ban in Sparks on the sale of dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets in retail stores and will work to bring such an ordinance to the Sparks Council within her first three months.

Wendy penned this op-ed for This Is Reno, Our pets are family - and shouldn't be for sale

Unfortunately, retail animal sales rely upon a steady stream of puppies and kittens in order to generate revenue. Cute sells, but cute also grows up. So what do you do if you want to sell puppies and only puppies, or kittens and only kittens? You have to keep on breeding, which means suffering and long-term health consequences for both the animals forced to breed and their babies.

In our interview with Wendy we found a very engaged, knowledgeable and energetic person who clearly would lead Sparks in a thoughtful manner. Something refreshing for Sparks as the Council is in desperate need of the diversity and invigorating perspective Wendy brings.

My campaign has always fought to protect the most vulnerable in our community, and few creatures are more vulnerable than the companion animals with whom we share our lives. That's why I call on the City of Sparks to follow Reno's example and introduce an ordinance banning the retail sale of dogs and cats within Sparks city limits. Pass Grady's Law here, too.

We share a community, and what happens in one affects the other. That's why I ask all our region's residents to join me in urging the Sparks City Council to adopt an ordinance parallel to the City of Reno's. Send an email to the City of Sparks here and sign my petition, which I plan to submit in public comment to the next Sparks City Council meeting. Stand with me in protecting our community's most vulnerable.

Incumbent Information
Incumbent Abbot not recommended by PMFR.

PMFR was very encouraged by our 2 meetings with Mr. Abbott, the youngest person ever to be elected in the state of Nevada, and our ongoing communications. Donald is asking important questions, so things are going well.

But will we get an ordinance?

He didn't signal one way or another, but was genial, listened and gave advice. Which was to speak with the other council members and see where everyone is.

But one can't help feel that Donald is being lead around by his nose by the other Council Members and former Mayor. Time for the leader of the most populous ward in Sparks to learn to think for himself, and prove it.

One excellent thing though, we didn't hear the mantra dating back to Mayor Martini about how Sparks is the only one that knows what it's doing around here. How everyone else is wrong and Sparks is the only city in the country doing everything right. Really gets tiresome for it's younger sibling psychology and immature posturing.

Hoping to hear of an ordinance introduction soon. Until then, Wendy Stolyarov has our endorsement for promising to bring an ordinance to the Sparks Council.

Sparks City Council Ward 3

Endorsement: Quentin Smith

Quentin Smith

Challenger: Quentin Smith

I don't believe people should go in to business of trading animals for the money. How much better to go for something intrinsic. Otherwise this kind of profiteering while animals suffer just hurts society. This is common sense. We have to follow what the science says about animals—what the veterinarians say about puppy mills—let alone do what we know is right in our hearts.

Candidate Quentin Smith has stated he backs a Reno-style ban in Sparks on the sale of dogs,cats, rabbits and ferrets in retail stores and will work to bring such an ordinance to the Sparks Council within the first three months.

Additionally, we are very impressed with Mr. Smith's astonishing knowledge of Nevada politics, NRS, local laws and nuances. Mr. Smith is an energetic, educated and engaged person who we feel would lead Sparks in a thoughtful and considered way forward, not just sit around, attend a few meetings 10 months of the year, show up at a ribbon cutting and collect a very nice paycheck and benefits. This candidate is clearly engaged and committed to a better Northern Nevada.

And mixing up the composition of the monoculture on the Sparks Council is also an important point.

Incumbent Information

Incumbent: Paul Anderson (appointed 2018) NOT recommended for election at this time.

Anderson not recommended by PMFR.

At the Washoe County Regional Animal Services Board meeting in February, Council Member Anderson was present on the Board as Sparks' representative. Sparks Council Member Charlene Bybee made public comment that "No one is going to tell us what Sparks is going to do." And further railed against the advisory board.

At the end of the meeting, PMFR activists and Mr. Anderson spoke. Mr. Anderson mentioned that no one on the Council ever returned PMFR emails, calls and personal appearances at board meetings because, "We don't want anyone telling us what to do."

PMFR was astonished at this orchestrated talking point for its vapid nonsense. An elected official, as President George W. Bush taught the public, is "the decider." Everyone knows that. Asking politely for an elected official to review data from many sources, including the local BBB, along with 20,000 local signatures and 100 local businesses in support, is not telling anyone what to do.

This was said to none other than an advisory board. They give advice, they don't tell anyone what to do.

It's like telling your doctor your symptoms and she says, "I don't like you trying to tell me how to practice medicine."

Sad/Pathetic to think how little understanding our elected officials have of how representative government was envisioned by the founders of this democratic republic. Then again, Nevada has ranked at the bottom of all US states (50th) for education for decades, and sadly we see those results in people who are happily unaware how government works and their Constitutional obligations as elected officials to represent their constituency.

Mr. Anderson mentioned he was affected by the testimony of a previous employee who spoke at the meeting and in the presence of Reno Council Member Naomi Duerr, Chair of the Advisory Board, promised to meet with us to discuss the issue further with the words, "I had no idea this was going on."

It's what we've been trying to tell them….

Repeated calls since have gone unanswered and we are left with the conclusion that Mr. Anderson has had a change of heart, perhaps after speaking with activist council member Bybee whose Libertarian activism seems to believe that no one should ever stand in the way of a person making money: sick, tortured and dead puppies (and consumer fraud) be damned!

Sparks City Council Ward 5

Endorsement: NONE

Incumbent Information
Dahir not recommended by PMFR.

Hit a brick wall in meeting with Mr. Dahir (pronounced Dare, though that couldn't be more inappropriate). Dahir seemed clueless as to what we are asking for and trotted out the well-worn mantras presumably given to him by Another Brick in the Wall, Bybee; to whit: Reno is wrong about everything they do and Sparks is so much better because we do things different. 400 jurisdictions in the world be damned, Sparks knows better!

🥱 😴

Though a Christian minister, Kris falls short when it comes to compassion. His Christian ethic is to do anything but overturn the money changers in the temple and touts laissez-faire government: sick, tortured and dying dogs be damned!

Dahir even telling PMFR activists at one point that Sparks has never regulated a business before and he wouldn't want to set that precedent.

Maybe that's because he's never been to a brothel? Or a gas station? Or a Day Care Center? Or a liquor store? Or places that sell cigarettes and tobacco products? Because they are just a handful of the dozens of industries regulated by none other than Title 5 - BUSINESS LICENSES, TAXES AND REGULATIONS of the Sparks Code of Ordinances.

What 400 jurisdictions have passed, erring as they might be, is a regulation of the pet store industry. So how can you be so positive Reno is wrong if you don't even know what they passed?

Bald-faced nonsense, pathetic misunderstanding of how local governments work or blatant smokescreen: you pick.

Sadly, Mr. Dahir is running unopposed. C'mon, Sparks citizens! You derserve people who can think for themselves and take the time to do their homework on local social issues that have been in the news yearly since 2013!

Washoe County

4 year terms

District 1 Endorsement:

Alexis Hill

Challenger: Alexis Hill ❤️

Alexis Hill is a long-time powerhouse in the Truckee Meadows and a strong advocate for animals.

Alexis promises to bring an ordinance to the County Commission with the first year of her tenure when elected.

We asked for 3 months, but, to her credit, Alexis felt that with so many issues facing the County during the C-19 pandemic: medical/health inplementations of federal and state guidance as well as developing Washoe-specific guideline for the pandemic; unemployment; other health issues with long-term low Air Quality Index readings due to multiple large fire incidences, that within a year would be more practical. Though she cites she will bring it as soon as she feels up to speed on the workings of the Board of County Commissioners.

Alexis' platform cites the need for inclusion of all the diversity of people in the exploding Northern Nevada population. A welcome change to the narrow-focus of the majority of the Washoe Commission: a nauseatingly monoculture in thought, procedure and WASP America. We ain't there anymore, folks. We need to break this up and have a more dynamic composition reflecting the burgeoning diversity of this Northern Nevada Renaissance.

Please consider a vote for Alexis Hill for Washoe County Disrtict 1

Incumbent Information

Incumbent: Marsha Berkbigler NOT recommended for election.

Berkbigker not recommended for reelection by PMFR.

We DO NOT recommend hyprocrtical Marsha Berkbigler who promised to bring an end to puppy and kitten sales ordinance to the Washoe County Commission during the last election cycle.

We heartily endorsed her for her promise, but it's the vast supporters of Puppy Mill Free Reno/Sparks/Washoe who have egg on our face, or more like a pie thrown at us.

Marsha not only clearly never intended to introduce an ordinance that has 20,000 people backing it: she has been arrogant, dismissive and flat out rude to PMFR activists in follow-up meetings: complete with an imperial waving of her hand as if to say You may leave my presence!

In our meeting last November, nearly a year ago, Ms. Berkbigler ended the interview abruptly, dismissing PMFR activists with, "I'm inclined to do as Director Schull advises." [insert: hand wave].

So we went over Director Schull's head to the Washoe Country Regional Animal Services Advisory Board and asked if they felt strongly enough to write a letter of recommendation to end the sale of dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets in retail stores in Reno, Sparks and unincorporated Washoe County

They did.

In a 6:7 vote (Sparks Council Member Paul Anderson the only no vote, see Incumbent Information above), the Advisory Board, under the leadership of Reno Council Member Naomi Duerr who put the request on the Board's agenda, the letter proposition passed with flying colors.

We've written and called ½ dozen times since, bringing the Wizard the proverbial broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the North.



This on top of her platform with very few positions on it except to say how much she loves her dogs and supports the Nevada Human (sic) Society, per her FB re-election page. NHS got over 1000 signatures alone of our total 20k.

Long past time to pass over this mining lobbyist to the state legislature and let another community representative make the decisions that run the powerful Washoe County enterprise. One who is more concerned with representing the varied and broad multifaceted segments of the ever-growing County population and demographic, like Ms. Alexis Smith, for example.

  • Let the change out begin!
  • Give Berk the boot!
  • Please Consider Alexis Hill for Your Washoe County District 1 Vote!


4 year terms

At this time, because all current Reno Council members voted unanimously to create an ordinance to end the sales of dogs and cats in retail stores in Reno, we support all incumbent candidates for City Council:

Reno City Council At Large

Devon Reese

Mr. Reese declared at the October City Council Meeting that he wanted to make sure puppy stores were not tolerated in the Reno City Limits. He is a strong voice for ending animal suffering.

Reno City Council Ward 1

Jenny Brekhus

PMFR has had issues with Ms. Brekhus in the past, notably receiving an email from her in 2014 stating, "I will talk with you about anything but puppy stores."

Perplexed, we wrote back about our award-winning native, herbal and food forest-inspired front yard alternative landscaping. She did not respond. But that uncalled for slap-in-the-face was mitigated by her October yes vote for an ordinance ending sales of dogs and cats of which she affirmed from the dais she was in support.

Let's hope her infamously combative style doesn't bring about yet another capricious about face.

Reno City Council Ward 3

Oscar Delgado

Council Member Delgado has long signaled his support of ending sales of dogs and cats in retail stores.

Reno City Council Ward 5

Neoma Jardon

Is perhaps PMFR's strongest supporter on the Council after Mayor Schieve. Ms. Jardon is the only council member to meet with PMFR activists back in the 2014-15 cycle (outside of our champions Sharon Zadra and Hillary Schieve) and told us a story about investigating the Meadowood Mall store on her own with her then 6 year old son who, without prompting, thought that something terrible was going on in the back room when he peaked (and smelled) behind the black curtain in the back.