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    Henry says, "Please! No more puppy mills!"
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  1. Beverlee McGrath
    Nevada Legislative Specialist & Special Projects
    • ASPCA
    • Best Friends Animal Society
    • Nevada Humane Society
    • SPCA of No. Nevada
    • NV Political Action for Animals
    • Lake Tahoe Humane Society & SPCA
    • Compassion Charity for Animals
    • Pet Network Humane Society
    • Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation
    • Paw Pac
    • Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue
    • Hidden Valley Horse Rescue

    I understand that you are spearheading a proposal for a ban of the sale of dogs and cats in retail stores within the city limits of Reno. In the interests of animal welfare and a healthier community, the groups listed in my signature are in full support of any such ban, and we thank you.

    More and more cities and counties are promoting bans on retail sales as the horrors of the industry of puppy mills and kitten factories surface.

    Pet-sale bans attack the puppy mill problem by decreasing the demand for inhumanely bred puppies. By having rescue dogs and cats available to the public, the pet stores are not only helping to stop puppy mills, but they are also helping to reduce the number of animals killed in their local shelters -which will reduce the cost to the public of sheltering and euthanizing animals.

    We're not looking to put any pet stores out of business, we're just suggesting they deal with 'shelter' animals. We want them to be a part of the solution to end the suffering levied by the pet trade on companion animals and help perfectly wonderful homeless pets get adopted. It has been reported that 20 percent of the dogs in the shelter system are purebred, so there's no excuse to buy a dog from a pet store.

    See the full text of Ms. McGrath's statement on our blog.

  2. Kevin M Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Nevada Humane Society, Reno
    Nevada Humane Society is proud to endorse the effort to halt the retail sale of animals acquired from puppy mills in Reno. I have witnessed first-hand the devastation, horror, and abuse animals held in mill situations endure. This is not breeding it is manufacturing. It is dirty, it is grim and this practice of stores profiting from this malfeasance have no place in Washoe County — one of the most humane communities in America. By eliminating the revenue and outlets for perpetrators of this cruelty we can help end puppy mills and with one voice say, not in our town.

  3. Becky Goodman, Executive Director, Pet Network Humane Society, Incline Village
    Pet Network Humane Society is proud to support the efforts of Puppy Mill Free Reno. We strongly encourage our community to become informed about the true nature of Puppy Mills and the cruelty and neglect prevalent within the puppy mill industry. No business should be able to profit from cruelty to animals - period.

  4. Landess Witmer, Founder, Art Paws Reno, Reno
    We are proud to support these efforts to protect the pet population in our community. Very proud!

  5. Margaret Flint, Animal Rights Lobbyist; Owner/Family, Chapel of the Bells, Reno
    I had no idea how my life was about to change when I made a decision five years ago and began volunteering my time and lobbying at the state level for animal organizations in the Reno/Sparks area. What has been a most rewarding experience to me has also tugged at my heartstrings big time I had no idea these types of facilities and the people involved in them existed I am happy to contribute anything I can to encourage and be a part of the closure of these abusively heinous, cruel and neglectful facilities and make certain they never rear their ugly heads here again.

  6. Helen Smith, Administrator, Totally Chihuahuas, Fernley
    I fully support the ban of puppy mills no matter where they are, it is a extremely cruel, sad and lonely life. I believe if you can abuse an animal, you can abuse a human. Get your pets from a shelter or reputable breeder. A good breeder cares for the total welfare of their animals and welcome you to their homes. Please do not give away your pet, always ask for a small fee to deter unscrupulous people using them as bait in training fighting dogs.

  7. Rose Belcher, Manager, Lost and found pets of Northern Nevada, Reno
    As animals die everyday in the shelter, its time to stop the cyle of cruelty and overpopulation. Please adopt a shelter pet.

  8. Susan Shinn Cesarini, Director, Feline Rescue of Northern Nevada, The Cozy Cattery, Reno
    The suffering these animals endure in factory breeding centers is not acceptable. As humans, it is our responsibility to put an end to cruelty and needless suffering for all animals.

  9. Brittney Fortin, Manager, P.A.W.S, Reno
    The selling of puppies/kittens/rabbits needs to end and it is up to us to speak for those with no voice. If we don't stand together to abolish these puppy mills, who will? It is our time to make a difference in this world, and to make all the difference for those sweet furbabies out there!!!! SPEAK UP FOR THOSE WITH NO VOICE!!!!

    Brittney with signature sheet at P.AW.S.

  10. Dorie Guy, Former Chair, Democratic Party of Washoe County, Reno
    We don't need them! We have plenty of animals in our shelters waiting for a good home.

  11. Bill Chamberlain, US Wolf Refuge, Reno
    Pet overpopulation is a significant issue in Washoe county. The intent of this petition is to address it with action that has shown to be effective other communities. For the sake of the animals impacted by it we strongly support this petition.

  12. Cody and Christina Beckerdite, Directors, Sugar Paws, Reno/Carson City
    Thank you for standing up to puppy mills!

  13. Lauren Scott, Community Activist, Reno
    I rescue stray cats and kittens and manage a T-N-R colony. We have plenty of great, loving, happy and HOMELESS animals available for adoption available at non-profit adoption centers. We don't need any more for-profit cats and dogs. Stop encouraging the breeding of pets for profit.

  14. Sharon Wilson, Owner, Three Dog Divers, Washoe Valley
    We are passionate about dogs at Three Dog Divers. Rescue from a shelter or purchase from a reputable breeder, not a pet shop. We support a Puppy Mill Free Reno!

  15. Marika Dimitriadis, Marketing Director, Opa Cafe, Reno
    We do not support Puppy Mills or cruelty to any form of life. We especially love our puppies!!!

  16. Gino Scala, Owner, Great Full Gardens, Reno
    Common sense should prevail.

  17. Sara Hook, Owner, Sweet Creams Cheesecakery, Reno
    We, as human beings, can not continue to be oblivious to the heinous practices that go on in puppy mills. It's despicable and so should be unacceptable!

  18. Cindie Geddes, Flying Hand Writing Services, Reno
    We don't need puppy mills. We need happy dogs in loving homes. Let's let them have a better start in life!

  19. Jen Eastwood & Betty Scott, Fetch! Pet Care of Reno, Reno
    We support a Puppy Mill Free Reno/Sparks/Washoe! Owners Jen and Betty have both adopted/rescued their pets and we LOVE to see clients that do the same - that's why we offer a Rescue Discount for any of our services. There are too many wonderful animals deserving a forever home that can be adopted and rescued. Pets are family - not products!

  20. Sonja Mills, Officer, Chihuahua Rescue of Truckee Meadows, Washoe Valley
    As a rescue we encounter more tossed away puppy mill breeders than we can handle. Each one comes to us severely damaged, physically and emotionally. The cost to help these severely abused and neglected animals is tremendous. By banning the sale of commercially bred animals, converting stores to adopt only, we can put an end to the horror and still have more than enough animals to place into homes.

  21. Dawnitta (Dawn) Barr, The Pet Whisperer, Henderson, NV
    I have worked with animals for over 30 years. Working with rescue groups, Therapy Dog organizations along with my own business.

    I have seen all the sadness and pain a person could imagine in the eyes of all the abused, neglected and left behind animals in our society.

    There is NEVER a reason for puppy mills. There are so many lovely animals needed desperately to be adopted.

    Albert Schweitzer said "Until man extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace."

  22. This is Tony, who I got from Corgi Rescue in SoCA. I've had him for about 6 years now, and he's a great dog. I, too, hate puppy mills and would never buy from a pet store.....and I signed the petition tonight as well. Good luck with it! —Mary Shawe

  23. Daniel Hubbard, Speak Your Mind Hip Hop Art Festival, Reno
    Stop the greed and help save the puppies

  24. Aquila Nelson, Co-Founder, VegNV, Reno
    We can do this Reno!!!!! Shut them down!

  25. John Merryfield, Director, Vegan 1 Day, Kings Beach
    One day, companion animals will no longer be a commodity, and we will see them for who they really are, our buddies.

  26. Kimberly Rhodemyre, Upper South East Communities Coalition, Reno

  27. Keaven Van Lom, Founder, High Sierra Veggies and Vegans, Truckee
    Please, end this cruelty and do the right thing for the helpless!!!

  28. Billy Howard, Founding Organizer: RenoVegans, Climbing For Kitties, Puppy Mill Free Reno, Reno
    Puppy, kitty and rabbit mills are some of the worst places on Earth for animals. Washoe County is one of the most animal-friendly places in the country. It's time to end the ugliness of selling the offspring of the suffering and diseased slaves of non-stop birthing mills.

  29. George L Feriend Jr, Long-Time Volunteer, Nevada Humane Society, Reno
    I am a Volunteer at the Nevada Humane Society. NHS Save Rate speaks for its self. I believe buying an animal from stores just keeps the Cruel Puppy mills running. Please put a STOP to an industry that does not care about the Animals. They are just greedy. When people buy puppies from stores they undercut what NHS has worked so hard to achieve. The most successful No Kill Animal Society.

  30. Alida Labia, Weekly Volunteer, Feline Rescue of Northern Nevada, Truckee
    Animals love life as much as we do. We need to speak out and speak out loudly for them. They are innocent beings that really need our help and be treated with love and caring. Exploitation, abuse and cruelty needs to come to an end.

  31. Ingrid swift, Silver Springs
    I work at a shelter, where we see the every day results of overbreeding. Puppy mills are extremely cruel and should not exist at all, specially when thousand of dogs and cats are killed every day for lack of homes. Dogs deserve better.
  32. Carol Criddle, Sparks
    As a volunteer (many years) for various animal rescue groups, I see the faces of the animals that need homes, simply because they were born. There is no reason to breed for profit. If someone truly has the loving home for a pet, they should adopt a homeless animal.
  33. Kimberly Chandler, Reno
    There are so many ways to bring an animal into your life. Adoption from shelters and rescues should be number one. Help end the senseless killing of innocent creatures and end the work of puppy mills. These animals deserve better and if we all stand together we can end this!

  34. Eileen Woodside, Puppy Mill Working Solutions, Ottawa, CAN
    Have seen first-hand the negative impact of dogs caged 24/7 in puppy mills, both mentally and physically.

    Ask yourself if being caged in isolation for up to 10 long years is a humane treatment of dogs in our society, forced to breed over and over until they can no longer produce.

    Please don't make this decision lightly. If you saw the cruelty imposed on these dogs, it would be a very simple decision.

    I urge you to do the right thing.

  35. My boy came to me by pure chance [Bogey, above, white]. He was bred by a puppy mill to be a 'show' dog. Supposedly. However, they home cropped his ears as a puppy and practically sliced one off completely. He is still skittish when somebody he doesn't know reaches to pet him on the head. Once the mill owners realized they messed up his ears so bad, they decided to turn him into a stud at their ranch. He came to me at age 3. He had not been groomed since he was a puppy. They decided to make him a stud because he is pure white. Which is less common in a mini schnauzer than the traditional black or salt and pepper. Plus, all white, smaller dogs sell better.

    When he walked out of the crate when I first met him, I saw the lack of grooming, the messed up ears, and just the saddest eyes, that I knew I couldn't make him wait for anybody else. He came home with me that afternoon and I wouldn't trade him for anything. Now he is a healthy, happy, trained, 8 almost 9 year old. He has a best friend/brother [Ben, above, brown] who is a mini dachshund. The 2 of them are completely inseparable. He was so easy to train and just wanted attention and love. The first few years of his life were hell and he has the scars to prove it. I still get crazy looks from the public, groomers, and the vet, because of his scars. Once they meet him and learn his story they too fall in love with him.

    Even though the beginning of his life was tumultuous, I will make sure that the rest of his life will be filled with love. And treats. He's a sucker for treats. Haha. Thanks for sharing my little blurb and be sure to sign the petition if you have not already.

    —Jeremy Wilson, Reno, NV
    Petition Comments — Local
  36. Tami Isom, Sparks
    STOP puppy mills! They bring so much misery. They really need to be outlawed.

  37. Elizabeth Rose, Sparks
    There are many healthy and lovable animals waiting in our shelters to be adopted. There is no need for Puppy Mill supplied pet stores in Washoe County.

  38. Scott McDonald, Reno
    Vote to end Puppy Mills, with all the animals in shelters, so many could find good homes.

  39. Debbie deJarnette, Carson City
    Puppy mills are cruel and indifferent to the animals' health and well being. It's all about money ... very sad for the pups but especially the pups' parents who are used until they no longer bring in money and are discarded like a piece of broken glass .

  40. Kristy Browett, Sparks
    Please sign the petition to shut this place down! Our community is better than this and we should not allow such cruel conditions.

  41. Sandy Rowley, Reno
    This is so sad to see here in Washoe County. Please, lets do the right thing and ban these disgusting puppy mills today.

  42. Kaela Depoali, Reno
    I do not support the selling of puppies/kittens in a retail setting. I have never once seen the owner/employees taking proper care of these animals. It needs to stop.

  43. Joseph Bakkie, Sun Valley
    These puppy mills need to be stopped. The condition that these breeders keep the dogs in needs to be changed.

  44. Kris Lane, Reno
    Stop this madness!

  45. Hannah Leeper, Reno
    This needs to come to a stop because it's inhumane for animals to live their short lives surrounded in small cages. Especially when it's taking an impact in their health/behavior. Sickening to see what humans are capable of and turning a blind eye.

  46. Robin Martin, Reno
    This is absolutely absurd! Reno has had two puppy stores pop up in the past few years and both of them treat their animals like scum. To see the neglect for myself, I walked into the puppy store off of Virginia street and all of their animals were sick, tired and stinky. The SPCA and humane society at least keep their animals clean and healthy. Why does Reno have to be part of this abuse?!?!

  47. Cristi Maciel, Sparks
    Disgusting. This has to stop.

  48. Rita Hill, Gardnerville
    All animal need to be treated with dignity. Having puppies and dogs in deplorable conditions is wrong. Puppy mills do not care for the animal only the money. Please stop selling animals in pet shops. Then there will be no need for puppy mills and greedy people using animals.

  49. Debora Metzger, Reno
    How can it be legal to let innocent animals be left with no medical care, exercise, clean living conditions and sometimes little enough food and water to survive on???

  50. Holly Trainer, Reno
    This is inhumane and horrible to do to these animals. It needs to be stopped!! They have suffered enough at the hands of humans, let's change that and make a positive change.

  51. Whitney Freeman, Reno
    This store - and all stores like it - are terrible. I hope that one day they simply don't exist.

  52. Yvonne Williams, Reno
    Selling animals at stores such as Pets-r-us in Meadowood mall is a disgrace and must be outlawed. These animals deserve respect, certainly much more than imprisonment with no acceptable care (water, food) or medical treatment. They therefore carry disease that can easily spread to customers and their families. These stores have proven over and over to be in humane and unacceptable.

  53. Jaime Harding, Sparks
    This has to stop. These poor animals deserve so much more than this.

  54. Jaime Harding, Sparks
    This has to stop. These poor animals deserve so much more than this.

  55. T Bordner, Reno
    Wake up Reno politicians, be a city that cares not harms.

  56. Kristin Shirley, Reno
    Please shut the horrible places down!!

  57. Linda Von Graff, Reno
    This is you job and shut this place down for the sake of humanity and animals.

  58. Angelina Dallas, Reno
    This is terrible treatment of these animals!

  59. Heidi L Frost, Reno
    Please stop cruel puppy mill practices by not allowing their customers, these poorly run pet stores, to do business here. Puppy mill conditions are abhorrent. These poor dogs live in filthy confined spaces, are bred until their bodies give out and their puppies are often sickly and genetically damaged. Reputable breeders do NOT do business with pet stores and not should customers!

  60. Jeanna leone, Sparks
    Anyone who can run a puppy mill shouldn't be allowed to even call themselves human beings. They are poor defenseless creatures who depend on us to take care of them. If you can so that to an animal there's no tellin what you'd be capable of doing to a fellow human!!? Serial killers in the making, is how I feel about it.

  61. Tahoe Thai, Reno
    We bought a dog here mad it came home sick and we had to nurse it back to health. This is a concentration camp for dogs. There are so many complaints on the news and everything, how is this place open?

  62. Rachel Fraga, Sparks
    Please help these poor animals!

  63. Avernie Almario, Incline Village
    Stop This NOW

  64. Gerry montgomery, Reno
    These puppy stores should not be allowed.

  65. tracy porter, Reno
    ban puppy mills

  66. Cheryl Wagner, Reno
    This must stop these poor animals are being abused as soon as they are born and through their entire lives, they get diseases and are not treated. Please stop this.

  67. kylie tift, sparks
    Puppy mills are cruel and unnecessary when our shelters are full of pets with no Where to go

  68. Jennifer Dolder, Reno
    As a lover of all animals, and having rescued many pets from shelters, the thought of any animals going through the agony of "puppy mill" situations sickens me. There is no reason for animals to be brought into this world in such a way but for human greed. The overpopulation needs to be stopped so all shelters can be "no-kill" but that won't be possible as long as puppy mills remain.

  69. Elizabeth Mink, Sparks
    Five years ago I adopted a puppy-mill mom and if you saw her, you'd be heartbroken. She had never seen a toy, a bed nor known any love. She has painful hip and bone issues, plus the most horrible teeth imaginable. The vet estimated that she'd had two litters of pups every year for six years. It took, literally, years before anyone would consider her a "normal" dog. She's still extremely shy and will only interact with our immediate family. How can we possibly condone a business that produces such misery? There's no justification for the harm inflicted on puppy-mill dogs.

  70. Lois manning, Reno
    Stop these stores, please for all the voiceless animals. The "cute" little puppy has a mommy who is brutally abused for money, litter after litter until she is tossed aside for a younger female. And so the cycle begins again.

  71. Clayton Griffith, Reno
    What sort of punishment?

  72. Jamey Spowart, Reno
    End the misery and abuse.

  73. Vija Cox, Sparks
    Puppy mills are cruel to the mother dogs. They are pregnant all the time until they die. How would you like to be pregnant all the time and then have your kids taken away. This should not be happening!

  74. Chris Gavin, Sparks
    Too many dogs need homes now, no need to breed them. Everytime a puppy is born in a mill, a homeless dog is put to death prematurely.

  75. Jessica Martin, Reno
    Let's stop these puppy mills! Don't buy from a pet store! Go adopt a dog in need of a family. Rescue dogs are the best! I have 2!

  76. Mike Cohen, Reno
    This should be mandatory to ban puppy mills. Please do the right thing.

  77. Cherie Dixon, Reno
    Let's set an example here in Reno and move forward with our heads held high. Make Reno PUPPY MILL FREE! We are already home to no kill shelters let's move forward!!

  78. Lexi Taylor, Reno
    it's about time that these puppy mills are stopped and put out of business and the animal Lab here in Reno that uses dogs to test on. Petland back is a good example of animals from a mill. I even rescued a canary that was in bad shape from that store, it wasn't being fed, even though I took it, it was too late to be saved, the damage was done because it wasn't being fed.

  79. Jeremy Barry, Sparks
    Puppy mills are horrible they should not exist anywhere!! If your trying to decide if you agree imagine bringing home a special friend that you instantly fall in love with. Now imagine after a few days this love becoming so ill that after days of mind numbing worry and thousands of dollars in bet bills trying to save your newest family member and then they die! Now explain it to you child!!

  80. Lisa Lotts, Sparks
    There are enough animals without homes, why continue to contribute to homeless pets?

  81. Teresa Wachs, Reno
    Thank you for bringing this issue to light - thank you for getting it done.

  82. Sierra davies, Reno
    I fully support adopting, and NOT shopping!

  83. Wesley Calloway, Sparks
    Stop the mills!!!!

  84. Christy Jensen, Sparks
    Some will think about it, some will talk about it and some will do something about it. Thank you!

  85. Raylene Johnston, Reno
    No more puppy mills! They are inhumane.

  86. Dustin Coan, Reno
    Let's go for a puppy mill free Reno! Animals should not endure atrocious living conditions that they are put through. They are beings not commodities. I will not support anyone that endorses this.

  87. Ramona Walker, Reno
    Puppy mills are a disgrace, and have no place in Washoe County.

  88. Rosemary French, Reno
    With so many deserving and desirable animals at the HS and other shelters there's no reason to pay the bucks for pets coming from bad situations. Love a pitbull!

  89. Brian Morris, Reno
    We have no shortage of dogs in Washoe County, nor in any neighboring counties. We do not require the production of any more animals here.

  90. Karin Morris, Reno
    I have NEVER purchased a dog from a pet store and Never will. I just adopted a Pitbull from Nevada Humane Society and she's amazing. Puppy mills wouldn't be around if you didn't BUY your dog

  91. Addison Wilhite, Reno
    Simply put...puppy mills are unethical!

  92. Harley Davis, Reno
    I definitely think that should law should be passed. Whenever I go into a retail store the animals there don't seem like they are well kept.

  93. Mary-Jo Wiese, Reno
    Puppy Mills are bad any where. We definitely don't need them in Washoe County.

  94. Penelope chriatense, Reno

  95. David Teasdale, Sparks
    No puppy should die from what they contract from those in humane puppy mills

  96. Barbara Jacobsen, Reno
    Puppy mills are disgusting and should be eliminated.

  97. Joe paterson, Sparks
    Pets are not products.

  98. Dale Miller, Cold Springs
    Puppy mills and the stores that enable them must be stopped! Please help up put a stop to this inhumane practice.

  99. sarah hazen, Sparks
    The puppy mills that supply animals for the pet stores provide puppies that are sick and have been kept in horrible conditions for greeds sake. This only compounds the unwanted pet population in our shelters. No living being should be sold as throw away. Please stop this in our community and set a precedent for other areas where mills operate.

  100. Ursula Sindlinger, Reno
    Please stop this madness! Stop this unnecessary business! Puppy mills are a vulgar form of capitalism.

  101. Katherine Nemitz, sparks
    Save those Mama's and babies.

  102. Dimitri Barfield, Sparks
    End puppy mills and animal cruelty!

  103. Bonnie Turner, Sparks
    Dear Washoe County Board And/Or City Council Members within Washoe County,

    We support an update in local laws to enact a ban on the sale of dogs, rabbits and cats in retail stores in Reno, Sparks and Washoe County.

  104. Debra Carmichael, Reno
    End puppy mills now! Adopt your next pet from the Humane Society.

  105. Nanette Rewis, Reno

  106. Janae giurlani, Reno
    I bought a puppy from meadow wood mall back in 2010 because of his living conditions I felt so bad for him.. When I brought him home he had worms and when I took him to the vet they had to treat him for multiple things.. He survived thank god.. When I went to the store they refunded my money!!! THEY ARE KRUPT AND NEED TO BE STOPPED..I think they refunded me so I would not make a big deal about it!

  107. Margret Flint, Reno
    This must be addressed locally and is so important to our animals and our animal loving community...Please take action on this and be a part of this life saving issue!

  108. Tamara Isom, Sparks
    Pet stores depend on puppy mills for their young animals. They would be outlawed. Sell dog & puppies from shelters & rescues. To many animals are put to death needlessly.

  109. Tamara Robinson, Sparks
    There are far too many animals in our shelters. Impulse buying a puppy mill dog is part of the cause. Improperly bred, usually with behavioral and/or medical problems that no one wants to deal with or pay for means unwanted animals through no fault of their own. Think before you buy, go to a shelter first. You might be surprised to find your perfect pet waiting for you.

  110. Bugica, Reno
    Don't do this !!!!! How disgusting

  111. Rebecca Stewart, Sonoma, CA
    Puppies Plus on S Virgina is appalling. The clerk was incredibly rude and became hostile when I informed him I was just looking. All the puppies looked terrified and were huddled together. One dog had dried feces on his leg. Older pets were discounted as if they were no longer valued. In California these shops are illegal, it broke my heart to see these animals treated so carelessly.

  112. Melissa Allen, Reno
    Please stop the sale of puppy mill dogs and cats. They deserve more than that. They have no voice. Let us be their voice. All animals deserve to be loved.

  113. Lynn Meadows, Sparks
    We need to stand together and say, "NO MORE!" -We must hold not only those who run the mills accountable, but also those who buy from them... also, let's not forget about the cats and other animals who also suffer under these despicable circumstances.

  114. floyd meadows, Sparks
    Puppy, Kitten, bunny or other mill in which animals are mass bred under deplorable circumstances must end. The same for backyard breeding. Those caught should be prosecuted.

  115. Peggy Taylor, Sparks
    Don't buy! Rescue!

  116. Jack Castella, Sparks
    Put an end to unhealthy animals for profit. Because of overbreeding not only do puppy mills and pet mills of all kind harm the mothers but they also breed genetically weak animals that become eventual unwanted and long term residents of our county shelters.

  117. Lois Rodrigues, Sparks
    I was a dog groomer and ran across a puppy mill in a garage in Stead. This was a real sad situation. I reported it.

  118. Steve Woods, Reno
    We do not appreciate puppy mills due to the usual lack of medical care these animals receive and the fact that there really is no quality control. There are more than too many pets in animal shelters, SPCA of No. Nevada and Nevada Humane Society and other rescues that need good homes.

  119. Krista Jensen, Reno
    We CAN NOT continue to treat both large and small animals in this manner!! IT MUST STOP NOW!! Please, Stop the "Animal Mills" in NEVADA!! Would YOU like to be treated like this??

  120. Carolyn Stephens, Carson City
    No more puppy mills!

  121. Kevin Grubb, Reno

  122. Cheryl Derrick, Reno
    Puppy mills are just that, a mill, where the dogs are nothing more than machines to the horrible owners of the mills. They don't care about the dogs, or of the product resulting from the dogs that are considered machines. So what if the dogs are sick, so what if the consumer buys one of the puppies and it sickens and dies and the owner is heartbroken, the mill got their profit. Stop the madness.

  123. kelly dreeke, Sparks
    These animals have been horribly treated and often have illness due to overbreeding.

  124. Christiana Sprenger-McLelland, Reno
    Dogs are our best friends - we should treat them as the intelligent, caring, dependable and dependent fellow creatures that they are.

  125. Karin Smith, Reno
    Please ban the sale of animals in retail stores. Many of them come from puppy/kitten mills and the animals there live in horrific conditions.

  126. Brian McLelland, Reno
    The burden of morality and ethical behavior falls upon us as the higher functioning mammals. The suffering of our evolutionary cousins should be something that we strive to cease every day of our lives.

  127. Lisa Vancil, Sparks
    Puppy Mills need to be banned. They are horrible and so many puppies come out sick and with lots of problems.

  128. Michele Lundquist, Reno
    Please save these precious gifts from God!!

  129. Margret Williams, Sparks
    Please stop supporting puppy mills! Put an end to the retail support for them. I just rescued a pair of Chihuahuas that were in a backyard breeding situation. Puppy mills are worse than that. Please stop the abuse.

  130. julie fangerow, Reno
    Please help stop more human greed.

  131. Brasilia Jimenez, Reno
    These breeders do not care for their mental and physical health. Because of the back yard breeding, puppies are born unhealthy, have behavior issues or both and end up in shelters.

  132. Deborah Ruiz, Reno
    I ve heard so many bad things about puppy farms regarding puppies having P arvo or worse, its terrible how it is. What is worse is how the dogs who breed are treated so shabbily, it s so cruel. There are plenty is a nimals that need a home in the s helters. Please give these guys a break.

  133. Debbie Black, Reno

  134. Michele Welch, verdi
    Hard to believe this crap is still allowed. They must be stopped.

  135. Holly Mitchell, Sparks
    Adopt! Don't shop! If you need more info on puppy mills, checkout National Dog Mill Rescue video about Lily.

  136. Jamie Vaughn, Reno
    Please stop the inhumane insanity!

  137. Dawn Nelson, Sparks
    I'm an animal lover no more puppy mills!!!

  138. tenia torres, Reno
    Close this down. In what way is this ok. Puppy mills benefit no one but the people selling the animals.

  139. Valerie MacFarlane, Reno
    Have to stop these puppy-mills! Bravo RENO! :-D

  140. william jordan, Reno
    enough with puppy mills in this country!

  141. sarah ghiglieri, Reno
    These poor babies!!! Save them!!!

  142. Terri Krische, Reno
    Please sign everyone!

  143. Cynthia Ellis, Reno
    Puppy mills and backyard breeders have got to realize the damage they are doing. Just say no. Rescue. Breed specific or mixed breeds it's all there

  144. elaine siegel, Sparks
    Stop the greed.

  145. Ahlea Zerimar, Reno
    We need to unite and abolish puppy mills. My dog came from one..broke my heart to not take all the puppies..

  146. John Byerly, Reno
    Stop puppy mills!

  147. Peggy Wilkey, Sparks
    Plz stop the abuse of our animals, plz care, do help save lives!!!!

  148. Nancy V Hardman , Sparks
    I may have already signed the petition at Petsmart on Virginia, but I wanted to make sure that my support was known.

  149. Laura Praud, Reno
    All animals should be treated with dignity and love. They weren't put on this earth to be abused and neglected.

  150. Chandler Gattis, Reno
    This should have already been a law

  151. Kristi King, Sparks
    I'm so thankful this signing! and getting up to the goal of possibly stopping this madness!! Please keep up the good work and put an end to this inhumanity. Save these poor innocent animals.

  152. Alissa Kendall, Reno
    Put an end to these mills it is so inhumane. These poor innocent animals need to go to good loving homes that should be adopted out not to places where you have to pay major bucks to buy them. which just goes to these greedy people that don't deserve it or should even get paid. I hope these signatures get the goal needed.

  153. Julia Pastor, Reno
    The best pets come from shelters! There is never a reason to buy a pet with so many quality animals looking for homes.

  154. Christy DePillo, Reno
    Thank u for allowing us to sign the petition on our computer. I was not able to make the rally so this means a lot that I still have the opportunity to sign it. Thanks!!

  155. Kris gregor, Reno
    Puppymills are a disgrace! This cruelty and disgusting way to make money needs to stop NOW.

  156. Jennifer Foster, Reno
    I work in the Veterinary profession and have seen first-hand the neglect and mistreatment of these animals. Please help put an end to the inhumane practices that go along with "selling puppies" through pet stores. Not that they won't charge an arm and a leg now to "adopt" an animal, but we'll worry about that later. Thank you.

  157. Kathee Speiht, Reno
    The petition speaks for itself.

  158. leanne youngblood, fallon
    It's about time!

  159. Harilokatah Lange, Reno
    Puppy Mills are disgusting.

  160. Erin Craig, Sparks
    No more puppy mills in my state!

  161. Alida Collewyn, Reno
    Without the sales of dogs/cats/rabbits, it would be a great help to the local shelters and animal control for new adoptions.

  162. Rachel Allazetta, Reno
    My puppy had been in a small cage for a month so he sprained his leg once he got home running around also came with kennel cough and worms. I am so grateful for him but I would never want to receive a dog in that condition again. Please help stop this in our area

  163. Laura Rodriguez, Reno
    I hope you meet your goal this is very very sad to know that this is happening locally.

  164. Jill S Dumont, Sun Valley
    Puppy mills are responsible for the abuse of dogs and should be banned. They have been banned in the Phoenix Az. area at all malls. They donate the spaces out where they were to the pounds, rescues etc. Nevada, get a clue!

  165. Dicksie Jimenez, Sparks
    Let's end puppy mills!

  166. Crissi Kendall, Reno
    Yes please put and end to these mills. these innocent animals don't deserve this cruelty. It makes my heart break to know people are this heartless:( please get this petition signed and ASAP so these poor babies can be saved now.

  167. Saskia McAbee, Reno
    Please help these innocent victims

  168. Lorain Wilson, Sparks
    Pet stores must be stopped from selling dogs, cats and rabbits. They just support the cruel breeding of the animals and torturous conditions they are kept in for profit. Puppy mills are the suppliers of most dogs in pet stores. Good breeders don't sell to pet stores. Pet stores don't give proper care to the animals in their stores while they are waiting sale.

  169. Patricia Landon, Reno
    I can't believe we need a petition to ask for enforcement of basic humanity

  170. Ronn Anacabe, Reno
    Stop the puppy mills. Make someone that wants a puppy ill puppy watch the video on YouTube where a dumpster full of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are gassed. Hear their screams and then remind them that Reno has 2 shelters to adopt pets from.

  171. barbara kelly, Reno

  172. Janet Curtis, Reno
    While at the vets the other day ppl came in and 3 dogs were from the puppy store in reno..they ALL had kennel cough and the ppl didnt even know what that was or what a puppy mill was,so i politely told them.I hope this stops so our own can be adopted!And the vet should not have supported it at all,then again $$ 4 her too? She gave my cat a deadly diagnosis..then went on vacation!cat is just fine!!

  173. Tracy Anastassatos, Reno
    No more puppy mills!

  174. Emily ketterman, Reno
    This should not be legal anywhere!! So disappointed in people and their poor choices!!

  175. Gabrielle Broadwater, Sparks
    I cannot imagine the conditions in which these poor animals live in. Every animal deserves a yard to run around in and a warm house to sleep in at night.

  176. julie fangerow, Reno
    Human greed...major fail always

  177. Dee Ensminger, Washoe Valley
    I support a ban on all animals coming from "mills". I do think it is acceptable to allow adoptions from rescues, the Humane Society or the SPCA in places such as Pet Smart.

  178. Regina Ray, Reno
    No more puppy mills to many innocent animals are murdered everyday because man's stupidity.

  179. Sylvia Wirthlin, Reno
    ALL animals, large or small

  180. Patricia Merkt, Reno
    Pet shops are supplied by puppy mills that breed a bitch to death. Puppies are taken way to early to start their trip to stores. Pet shops sell to whomever has the money, not to the right homes. No health testing done on the parents, etc. No local breeder for help and advice. Most that end of in breed rescues come from pet shops because of health Nd temperament problems.

  181. Pam Kindall, Reno
    Puppy mills need to be shut down. There are so many dogs that need homes and euthanized each year. Why breed more dogs that will just end up in shelters. These people are only interested in the bottom line not the health and welfare of these poor animals. Thank you.

  182. Jalissa Parle, Sparks
    I'm so glad to see a petition like this! I strongly believe in Adopt Don't Shop. I must add though, it would be nice to add guinea pigs to the list of animals you cannot get in a pet store.

  183. Sheri Huggins, Reno
    I use to go to Puppies R Us and Best Friends to visit my boyfriend and to see the puppies. I could tell that the dogs were not healthy. I fell in love with an 8 week old English Bulldog at Best Friends. She was only there for about two weeks before she got real sick and then died. The store was very unclean and there was no proper floor either. I felt very sorry for the puppies.

  184. Sheri Huggins, Reno
    I use to go to Puppies R Us and Best Friends to visit my boyfriend and to see the puppies. I could tell that the dogs were not healthy. I fell in love with an 8 week old English Bulldog at Best Friends. She was only there for about two weeks before she got real sick and then died. The store was very unclean and there was no proper floor either. I felt very sorry for the puppies.

  185. Heidi Morris, Reno
    No puppy mills!!!

  186. Genah Ponaire, Reno
    Please don't make excuses to shop at stores that support puppy mills. Do your research on the handling of these animals. Look at how the 'breeders' are kept and treated. If you can be aware of that and still shop at the stores than you really are a heartless person.

  187. Peggy wilkey, Sparks
    We want to be part of a movement to love our animals not abuse them. Our city has to still kill animals because there is not enough homes so why let breeders, puppy mills an local back yard breeders cont on at the animals an community expense.

  188. Terry Snyder, Reno
    Please ban pet stores. Only puppymills sell their dogs this way. No reputable breeder will sell to a pet store. Puppymill breeders live a horrible life. They never touch grass, know kind human touch or love in any way. They live a miserable life in a wire cage with often not enough food/water, filthy conditions, extreme heat/cold and many are killed once they can no longer produce puppies.

  189. Betty Albright, Reno
    Puppy mills are an abhorrent and cruel business. No one should profit from these animals. There's no justification for this industry to exist, especially since our community boasts one of the nation's most admired no-kill shelters. I respectfully urge you to ban the sale of animals in our community. Thank you.

  190. Harry Thomas, Washoe Valley
    It is fundamentally the purpose of our species to take care of this planet and its inhabitants. Causing suffering for profit is a sick behavior.

  191. Jason Bruch, Reno
    shut them all down!

  192. renee parker, Sparks

  193. Teresa Wachs, Reno
    Thank you for helping to raise awareness about the cruel practice of puppy mills and their connection to the puppies sold in pet stores.

  194. Liz Coronella, Reno
    Washoe county has amazing shelters to provide the community with pets to love. There is no need for puppy mill provided dogs. Please do the compassionate thing and help make Washoe County puppy mill free.

  195. Kasie Reynolds, Sparks
    I support this ban. Most animals in retail stores are bought from puppy mills. Puppy mills should be banned. I support the ban against selling animals in retail stores in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County.

  196. Valerie Leitko , Sparks
    All my furbabies are rescues. I will *never* support the cruelty of animal mills. Adoptable furbabies looking for a good home are dying in shelters everyday.

  197. Guinevere Olson, Sparks
    If we allow this horrific practice here we are no better than those countries who savagely and brutally kill dogs and other animals for human consumption. Surely we are better than that?

  198. Nicole Pifer, Incline Village
    Between the poor conditions, mistreatment, and abuse these animals endure, there really is no good reason why puppy mills should exist. Animal shelters are overwhelmed with the number of homeless animals, many of which are purebred and puppies. We do not need puppy mills in business when there are plenty of healthy animals in shelters.

  199. Linda Crowell, Incline Village
    Please ban these sales!

  200. Robert Sillery, Incline Village
    These Animals should be sold only by breeders to carefully vetted buyers.

  201. Lisa Miller, Reno
    Please prevent new businesses in Reno that profit from the suffering of innocent animals. We need other types of businesses here.

  202. Deborah Hager-Woodcock, Incline Village
    This shouldn't be going on this day and age. There are too many animals in shelter that need homes. Those people are just greedy for money. Shut them all down.

  203. Julia Freeman, Reno
    Puppy Mills produce unhealthy puppies who have not been cared for properly in the first weeks of life. Most of them have never had there vaccinations. The may appear healthy at time of purchase, but you never know if there are underlying problems. I know puppies are cute but stay away from the mills, the people who run them look at their puppies as $$$$$$ instead of a life to be cherished!

  204. Diana Wardrip, Reno
    Please put an end to inhumane puppy mills. They are cruel and tragic.

  205. Shaye Taylors, Sparks
    Adopt don't buy!

  206. Pon Taylors, Sparks
    Puppy mills are evil!

  207. Brittany, Sparks
    Puppy mills are wrong and cruel!

  208. Becky Goodman, Incline Village
    Please consider legislation that will eliminate the sale of Puppy Mill animals in retail stores in Washoe County. These retail stores profit from the neglect and abuse of animals and should not be tolerated.

  209. Amy Jo Davison, Carson City
    Puppy mills are killers

  210. Hillary Fenton, Sparks
    Puppies mills benefit no one. Get rid of all of them. NOW. Thanks

  211. Erin Craig, Sparks
    My favorite breed is Rescue!

  212. Ashwini Prasad, Reno
    The Reno/Sparks area is nationally recognized for having a no kill shelter and community. As such, we should also be consistent in such by banning puppy mills

  213. carolyn martynuik, Reno
    Please make Reno an animal friendly city. I adopted a beautiful little poodle at the year ago .Mu was four years old in spayed and really afraid of everyone but me.Mu did not even know how to play and was not house trained.I think she was from a puppy mill.Today she loves playing is completely trained and the most loveing little girl in the world.Adopt,rescue,please!Some dog will love you for it.

  214. susan calkins, Reno
    this is an ethical imperative. it is our moral duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

  215. Kelsie Raco, Sparks
    I have never liked those puppy stores. I have reported them several times with no results. Im glad someone is finally taking action. Animals deserve good health and love too!!!

  216. Karen Freemyer , Reno
    I would love to see these places shut down and the puppies and kitties get good homes. This makes me so sick..

  217. Renee Cariglia, Reno
    Let's have the breeders take a stroll through an animal shelter and get a taste of what unwanted animals must endure, then stroll on back to the "euthanasia" room. Maybe then they will realize the inhumaneness, greed, and ignorance that they so blatantly perpetuate through their "breeding" animals!

  218. Teri Gibson, Reno
    We cannot allow unscrupulous people to enslave helpless animals to a life of constant procreation, often with little to no concern for their welfare, as a means of generating revenue for themselves.

  219. Katherine Fow, Reno
    This is hugely awful for the puppies and the families that try to adopt them. The dogs wont live long at all and as long as they do it be in pain.

  220. Bonnie Turner, Sparks
    Please get rid of these mills!

  221. Heidi Nielsen, Reno
    I have been working in the pet industry for about thirteen years abd have seen extremely disturbing things due to irresponsible breeding. Not to mention our over populations of sweet innocent animals that get put to sleep every day. The only breeding that should ever happen is by LICENSED breeders. Breeders who are responsible, and genuinely want to better that particular breed.

  222. deborah grinager, Reno
    I live and work in washoe county. I despise puppy mills. Please adopt before you shop.

  223. Ashley Smith, Reno
    Please, for the sake of any animal you've ever owned, institute local laws that ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in retail stores. Consider it a way of repaying the unconditional love, loyalty, and devotion your pet(s) have given to you and your family.

  224. Narayan gill, Reno
    Save the poor animals!

  225. Deena Bledsaw, Reno
    Close these down for good!!

  226. edwin castillo, Reno
    Just visit any mill and you'll see the suffering

  227. Courtney Lambdin, Reno
    Disgusting, unnecessary business. Fosters no community education or individual education on responsible and ethical pet ownership.

  228. Cody Williams, Reno
    glad to help animals!

  229. Elleanor McCoy, Reno
    I pledge to do everything possible to stop and prevent the sale of any animals in retail stores in Reno, Sparks and Washoe county.

  230. Tammy Trottot, Reno
    Puppy or kitty mills are just bad the animals are abused and neglected.

  231. Jeanna Beattie, Reno
    I just feel bad for the helpless animals.

  232. Jeff Pogol, Reno
    It's about time. With all the beautiful dogs and cats for adoption at the local shelters. I was shocked to see a local puppy store Puppies Plus with a sign in there window Puppy Financing.

  233. Gina hernandez, Sparks
    No puppy mills!!

  234. Regina powers, Reno
    Please enact this law ! Thank you

  235. Gerri Wunder, Sparks
    Please put an end to this. Too many unwanted animals.

  236. Gina L. Pogol, Reno
    I volunteer with the SPCA at PetSmart, right next to Puppies Plus. They create the problem, we do our best to fix it, and the dogs and taxpayers pay the price. It's a bad deal all around.

  237. Karen Lawson, Reno
    There is no need to support cruelty and greed perpetrated by puppy mill owners whose only objective is profiting at the expense of innocent cats and dogs. Those wanting designer dogs or purebreds can find them through reputable breeders. Better yet, adopt from a shelter or breed-specific rescue. Washoe county is proud to be a safe place for our pets. Please enact this ban!

  238. Jeremy Shupe, Sparks
    Milling animals is detestable and wrong. To profit from misery is the lowest way to derive wealth.

  239. Alissa Callahan, Reno
    As a Licensed Vet Tech, I know the misery these poor dogs go through and the emotional and behavioral problems that are caused by living in these conditions. I love seeing patients who have wonderful loving owners, I just hate to see these poor dogs treated this way. No love, no affection, no comfort, no peace, no treats, no squeak toys, no balls, no belly rubs- what kind of life is that?

  240. Sharon Cary, Stateline
    Please put a stop to the torture of these poor animals. How many litters do they make a bitch have each year???? Why does anyone need to buy a dog or cat when there are so many in shelters??

  241. Jennifer Mochel, Reno
    It's up to us to put these puppy mills and shops out of business forever!

  242. Amanda Gomez, Sparks
    They are kept in horrible cages they need to have space to run and play.

  243. Kathy Miyoshi, Sun Valley
    Please! The pet stores that have showed up in the last few years are really disheartening to those of use who have worked to promote heathy animals and rescue organizations for so many years. I don't want to go to Meadowood Mall anymore because of the pet store there as it breaks my heart every time and I am SO disappointed they allowed it to come in.

  244. Rob Ballan, Reno
    End Puppy Mill puppies being sold at pet stores in Reno.

  245. Rod MacKenzie, Reno
    "Slave Labor for Bitches" 100% not right!

  246. cara bugica, Reno
    This is ridiculous i am a third generation reno native and this will not be tolerated!

  247. Rudy Palominos, Reno
    Please help make Washoe County a Mill free place. These animals have no voice and we are the ones who need to speak for them. You can help make the pain and suffering stop.

  248. Sharlette Aguirre, Sparks
    This kind of stuff makes me sad and angry. Those poor puppy's have to suffer so the people can make a profit.

  249. Ann VanNostrand, Reno
    Report puppy mill breeders so these little guys and gals can be rescued. Also, report to authorities so the mill can be shut down and the owners arrested, jailed and steeply fined.

  250. Christi Klyne, Sparks
    I am disgusted by the number of homeless pets out there. They are helpless creatures and family members. Please adopt!!!!

  251. Lacey Hughet, Reno
    Dogs and cats, yes, stop the mills. Rabbits don't really bother me as much, because they are food. They're like a chicken to me, but I doubt I can pick and choose, so I'd rather get rid of all of it.

  252. Angelina Shaw, Sparks
    We have no use for puppy mills.

  253. Chris Kelly, Reno
    Puppy mills are awful! Make the madness stop!

  254. Tracy Stanley, Sparks
    Puppy Mills need to be outlawed!!!

  255. Karin Smith, Reno
    I hope Puppy/Kitten Mills will be a thing of the past soon. Those poor animals deserve to live happy lives instead all they know is misery.

  256. monique scott, Reno
    This practice makes me disgusted. The animals from mills are often sick, and they bring it home to other animals. This is not Ok!

  257. Kai Howard, Reno
    There are not enough homes for the animals currently alive. Keeping them and forcing them to breed more is just not right. Stop being greedy.

  258. Lorraine Logsdon, Reno
    Please stop breeding all the animals!! We have to many animals looking for homes now!! To many animals get abused and they shouldn't be breed for profit !!!! Animals Re for love!!

  259. Barbara Park, Reno
    Puppy mills are a serious problem in Reno. Please help.

  260. deborah grinager , Reno
    Adopt before you shop! End puppy, kitten and rabbit mills!

  261. lisa burton, Reno
    Stop the puppy mills how would humans feel if they lived their lives in mills made to breed over and over. Just a thought.

  262. Kim Phelps, Sparks
    Stop Puppy Mills at any cost!

  263. Karen silva, Reno
    No one in Reno wants puppy mills !!!! Please ban them

  264. Donna Rooney, Sparks
    Please help stop this cruel and beastly treatment of animals. A life is so much more valuable than Money!

  265. Ashlee Verba, Reno
    With a community as tight knit as Reno, it saddens me to know we all probably walk past animals living in substandard conditions everyday. There is simply no reason for it. On a large scale, we may be a 'small' community, but with a large voice that can be heard. We CAN boycott these places, we can demand better standards for these helpless, emotional, voiceless animals... So why wouldn't we?

  266. sarah G, Reno
    These poor animals lets just stop this madness and take care of animals like we should!!!!

  267. Jacie Bevilacqua, Sparks
    The way these poor animals are being cared and treated for is unacceptable. Most of them come from puppy mills and irresponsible breeders anyway, and a lot of them end up sick/dead with parvo. Not to mention the shelters overflown with animals that could have gone to a new home. The breeding and selling if these poor animals needs to stop. They are selling blood for money. It's sick and wrong.

  268. andre gallegos, Reno
    Stop the puppy mills!!

  269. dori gallegos, Reno
    Puppy mills are horrible! there are so many puppies at the pound, go get one of those.

  270. Hilary Falconer, Reno
    Puppy Mills are horrible, most puppies have several kinds of disease and they are treated so poorly. Please do NOT support puppy mills!

  271. Kim Arneson, Sparks
    No animal should live this way - bring these establishments to a close and adopt pets in need of forever homes/families!!

  272. Sara Hogle, Reno
    For the sake of all pets, in the past, the present, and the future...we must make this happen!

  273. Juliana Harris , Reno
    Ban the sale of animals raised in puppy mills in Washoe County. This cruelty must stop.

  274. janet curtis, Reno
    The thought that reno has puppy stores is an outrage.

  275. Gary Alexander, Sparks
    This is beyond disgusting and must be stopped.. Beyond humanize they are in deplorable conditions... You must stop it..

  276. Nicole vrsek, Reno
    The cruelty needs to stop. Puppy mills need to be banned for good !!!!!

  277. Zane Walker, Reno
    Don't buy from pet stores!

  278. michele weatherspoon, spanish springs
    Absolutely no more inhumane treatment of these little creatures. My family has adopted too many animals that have been abandoned by the idiots of the world who have black hearts and no morals. I VOTE NO< NO< NO< on the puppy mill.

  279. Katherine Voorhis, Reno
    As the proud mom of a perfect shelter dog AND a purebred that was bred by a reputable and responsible breeder, I find it ridiculous and disheartening that we are still fighting these awful puppy mills when there are so many amazing pets still waiting for homes.

  280. Teresa Stever, Reno
    Please make puppy mills illegal it's time we as a culture stop tolerating so much cruelty.

  281. Rachel Ryd, Reno
    It disgusts me that puppy mills are in business. It is obvious that the owners are only in the business for profit and represent a population of people with no scruples. The animals are subjected to inhumane living conditions and the consumers are treated like idiots. There seems to be no interest for the well-being of anyone involved; animal or human. They need to be stopped.

  282. Valerie stewart, Reno
    If you can't save them at least don't perpetuate the cycle of cruelty. We are all souls in a body. This sort of ignorance has to stop.

  283. Jamie Compilli, Reno
    Those people should get the same treatment. Sad and it needs to stop NOW!!!

  284. Gillian Hernandez, Sparks
    I am completely and fully against puppy mills and any business that supports them. Animals deserve proper care no matter what and they aren't getting it through puppy mills or their sources.

  285. Debbie friedman, Reno
    The people who own these puppy mills should be ashamed of themselves!!! The people who buy a puppy from these places need to think twice and see the conditions and treatment these puppy's go thru! Not to mention the Mother of the puppy's !! It's so sad!!! Please stop puppy mills!!!! Please!!!

  286. Christina Kiser, Reno
    This should have been done a long time ago!

  287. Kerry schlingheyde, Sparks
    These people running puppy mills are sick individuals and it's beyond me that these places exists! It needs to stop!!! These animals are loving creatures who just want to be loved back!

  288. Karen Surrett, Reno
    Stop this cruelty

  289. Shauna H, Sparks
    No more puppy mills!!!

  290. Traci Taylor, Sparks
    STOP allowing puppy mills and horrible treatment of animals! Animals deserve rights too!

  291. Sally Young, Reno
    I support humane treatment of ALL of life. Animals especially need our care and action to stand up for them. They deserve to live healthy lives in environments that allow them to be free. Let's come together and take care of our beloved animals.

  292. keli davin, Reno
    Please get puppy mill supporting pet shops out of our city!! Help save the lives of great dogs in the shelters!!

  293. Brit Burns, Sparks
    I used to work at a dog daycare that doubled as a rescue shelter. We didn't take in a huge volume of rescues, but on an average day we had about 5-10 staying with us. We took in all kinds of dogs, but it was always the dogs that came from puppy mills that seemed to be in the worst condition and had the hardest time growing to trust people. Puppy mills, and the people who own them, are a disgrace!

  294. Michele Venditti, Sparks
    Put an END to puppy mills!!! Now and FOREVER!

  295. Beverly Shaffer, Reno
    Let's please shut down the Puppy Mills and Pet Stores who sell these puppies. Tell them to go get rich some other way. Not at the mercy and inhumane way they treat animals.

  296. Julia Lynn, Reno
    Please stop puppy mills. It's a horrible and cruel life for those animals. Operators of such places need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! They are motivated by money so if they can't make a living, they will stop!

  297. Patricia Hafely, Sparks
    Stop backyard breeding! Stop selling pets in stores period! Animals die daily in shelters and this needs to STOP! Shut them down!

  298. Jeremy Wilson, Reno
    I rescued a mini schnauzer puppy mill stud 5 or 6 years ago. Once I saw his matted face, messed up home crop job on his ears, and his skittish demeanor, I knew there was no way in hell I was letting him wait to find another loving person. He is the best dog I've ever had. I'm not sure if I rescued him, or he rescued me. Keep up the great work. I hope all puppy mills cease to exist some day.

  299. Deborah LaForge, Sparks
    I worked in a pet shop in the 80's that purchased from mills, most didn't make it - the owners kept them in the frig right next to our lunches, proof for tax right off. They paid approx $100 for 10 pups and sold them for $200 to $400 each, so "a few dead ones did not matter". I quit after a few weeks, at that time there was nothing being done about it, but today we can! Please sign this petition!

  300. Breanne K. Kiriaze, Sparks
    Puppy Mills are awful and horrific. No living thing should EVER have to go through such a disgusting, hideous thing. Shame on those who operate puppy mills.

  301. Schuyler H. Martin, Reno
    Count on my support for the animals. and finding these people responsible.

  302. Carlos Arevalo, Sparks
    Have to stop these mills now!

  303. Breanne K. Kiriaze, Sparks
    Puppy Mills are awful and horrific. No living thing should EVER have to go through such a disgusting, hideous thing. Shame on those who operate puppy mills.

  304. Stephanie Elgin, Sparks
    We need to get stores like Best Friends, Puppies Plus, and Pets R Us out of Washoe County.

  305. Cecil Nickelson, Sparks
    No Puppy Mills or other animals in retail stores in Washoe County

  306. Martha Pruter, Reno
    Please support a ban against puppy mills and a ban against stores that sell animals from puppy mills. Please provide a plan for regular inspections of facilities that raise animals for sale to insure the health and safety of the animals.

  307. Linda Drake, Sparks
    I feel puppy mills should be outlawed everywhere. They are cruel, and inhumane in every sense of the word. I put them in the same category as a child molester. No regard for life.

  308. Kris Pepper, Sparks
    A majority of these animals are of bad blood lines and they are not healthy. †Over breeding for money. Stop puppy mills.

  309. Deena Bledsaw, Reno
    It needs to be stopped in nevada period.

  310. Heather McGrath, Sparks
    Thank you for doing this.

  311. Kari Riley, Reno
    Puppy mills are designed for maximum profit, taking little consideration into the health or well-being of the breeding dogs. These dogs are often kept in cages with metal floors that cut feet, in outside buildings with no temperature control, never receiving veterinary care, or appropriate food and water

    This is a terrible representation of Washoe County!

  312. kimberly bolin, Reno
    End puppy mills in Washoe County

  313. Taylor emerick, Reno
    Stop puppy mills !

  314. Katie Kirmse, Reno
    Knowing that there are ANY pets in shelters wide eyed waiting for a loving home, I don't see how anyone can be so selfish as to intentionally breed more. There are already too many pets without homes, lets not perpetuate this sad reality.

  315. Lianne Knox, Sparks
    I am a strong believer in ending puppy mills, these dogs are like buying an ex-con, you don't know what you are going to get. So unfair to the dogs. Too many good dogs in shelters.

  316. Debbie Black, Reno
    I don't see how ANYONE could look at this, know its going on, and be okay with it.

  317. Sandra Linares, Reno
    I am truly sickened by the greed these individuals are overcome with and the treatment of these precious babies. This petition is long overdue. As a civilized country we can no longer tolerate any living being to be treated with such cruelty. This goes beyond animal abuse. How do people such as the owners of these mills possibly sleep at night.

  318. Kathleen Carter, Reno
    Stop the cruelty!

  319. Leslie Carter, Reno
    I ended up rescuing a small dog that is the product of a very bad puppy mill. She is sooo messed up. Sweet, but nuts. Bad underbite, will not allow anyone to brush or groom her. Sedation does not work...

  320. Caitlin White, Reno
    Animals have the most pure, loving hearts. They do NOT deserve to be locked in cages and kept in these conditions. This needs to stop.

  321. Windy Honea, Reno
    Puppy Mills should be illegal, period!

  322. Mrs. Sheehan, Reno
    Please ban puppy mills!!! Its cruel, so cruel.

  323. Jennifer Grange, Reno
    We need to work together to stop puppy mills in our community. Please help and do your part.

  324. Holly Mitchell, Sparks
    Please learn the real cost of that puppy in the window! Adopt! don't shop!!!!

  325. Jamie Vaughn, Reno
    Please stop this abuse! This breaks my heart!

  326. Amanda white, Reno
    Please please end this barbaric practice!! So many animals are suffering at the hands of these monsters that run puppy mills. Backyard breeders are just as bad. It is NEVER safe to buy a puppy from a puppy store, and many online sites showing pictures of happy dogs in the home are fake. In reality the dogs are kept in small confining cages with wire floors and much worse. This needs to stop!!!

  327. jamie partridge, Reno
    Adopt a great animal from a local shelter,not from abusive puppy mills and poorly run puppy stores.

  328. Melodie Swan-Fisher, Sparks
    Puppy mills are the bane of the bitches forced to pump out litter after litter in appalling conditions, as well as the puppies they produce. Our local animal control facilities and rescue centers are bursting at the seams. So much unnecessary suffering. Anyone who buys a pet in a storefront (pet store environment) should know what they are contributing to. (In other words, do not buy pets there!)

  329. Michelle Farren, Reno
    Puppy Mills will never end as long as puppies can be sold. Beautiful healthy dogs, including puppies, are always available for rescue.

  330. Laurie Yarborough, Reno
    Please eliminate the ability for these operations to make money from such suffering and horrid conditions. It's not ok to profit off of suffering and lack of humanity.

  331. Julie Karabelas, Reno
    Free the animals!

  332. Robin Cable, Sparks
    I am totally against these Puppy mills, how could these people even work at these places and feel no compassion about what's going on!! Shut them down!!

  333. Karin Smith, Reno
    The animals in puppy/kitten/rabbit mills are treated as if they had no feelings, were not living beings, and that needs to stop. We don't even treat our prisoners that bad.

  334. tracy fuhrman, Reno
    How someone can promote a business like this is disgusting. I will NEVER buy a dog unless it's a rescue.

  335. Charles Lackner, Reno
    The puppy mills need to be shut down these people are so senseless & do not take care of their animals. These people do not love these animals

  336. Tamsen Ford, Reno
    Please share with those who can make a difference. This heinous treatment of innocent animals needs to stop.

  337. Mary J Lackner, Reno
    I would love to see them do away with puppy mills there's enough cats and dogs and other animals out there that are taken care of please please sign the petition

  338. janet curtis, Reno
    People that buy puppies from the stores they have here are completley unaware where they came from, how sick they could be, and how wrong it is not to adopt from a shelter or rescue. We must stop breeding more and more dogs..china is skinning them alive for fur its horrible do not allow this not in my town or anywhere else!

  339. Sara Piccola, Reno
    I would love to see an end come to the animal sale stores in Washoe County. There are beautiful no-kill shelters filled with hundreds of animals waiting for their forever homes.

  340. Liz silva, Reno
    Please ban puppy mills in Reno ! They are barbaric and absolutely unnecessary.

  341. Kathy Rogers, Sparks
    There aren't enough homes for all these pets. Breeding has to stop! All of our rescues/shelters are full from people surrendering their pet or not picking them up from Animal Control. Breeders (as far as I'm concerned) are only in it for the money, not the concern of the animal who is caged and constantly pregnant. What kind of life is that?

  342. Christine Stanford, Reno
    Enough with puppy mills! There are hundreds of animals that need adopting, please, help them!!!

  343. Mary Warnick, Reno
    Puppy mills are one of the worst things in the world. Horrible, horrible inhumane places for any animal. Puppy mills should be outlawed TOTALLY and there should be very tough consequences for anyone running one. These people should be kept in a small cage for as long as they've kept innocent animals and even that wouldn't satisfy me.

  344. Victoria Neer, Reno
    We have enough animals that need good homes.

  345. Arlene Anacabe, Sparks
    It's time to stop this cruelty! We have to start cleaning up our world with word and deed.

  346. Kristen Doris, Sparks
    This has to pass. For our family this is a deal breaker issue! In you vote against this the registered voters in our family will reply in kind come election season.

  347. Jacquelyn Hill, Sparks
    It is so very important to stop puppy mills and the sale of puppies/kittens and dogs/cats in pet stores. The area shelters have so many dogs that need to be adopted. Including puppies. There are also many breed specific rescues in the US that will help transport an animal to it's new (hopefully loving) home. For more information on puppy mills, please look up the National Mill Dog Rescue.

  348. Gracie Lewis, Sparks
    You would never get your baby from a baby mill... Why get your puppy from a puppy mill? These dogs often live in deplorable conditions and it is unacceptable to accept it any longer.

  349. Mercedes de la Garza, Reno
    '...To make a significant and lasting positive impact for these victimized animals we must use our own strongest weapons our voices, our example, our creativity or the many other skills we might personally and professionally possess. The need to end animal suffering is great everywhere, but the power of compassion is equal to that need.' -S Haisley

  350. Mary Carreon, Sparks
    Dogs are considered family and we would not do to family what has been done to dogs in the puppy mills. It's time to do what's right and abolish them!

  351. Siera Parigini, Sparks
    Not knowing the outcome of this, I bought my dog from a puppy store (knowing they come from puppy mills) and when I returned home with him that very next day he was sick with the kennel cough that lasted over three months. He now has permanent damage to his lungs. Every single one of those dogs sitting in those cages are ill. Some on the verge of dying. I believe this is animal abuse.

  352. Jennifer Oropeza, Reno
    I've purchased one dog from a pet store, one dog from a registered breeder and adopted 4 dogs in my life. The dogs I got from the pet store (turned out to be a puppy mill dog, despite doctored paperwork) and the purebred from a well known breeder both have had more health problems and expensive procedures individually than the 4 dogs I rescued. All good dogs.

  353. Debbie Ames, Sparks
    Just say "NO!" to puppy mills!

  354. Stacy Presco, Sparks
    Please shut down these "pet stores" that are selling sick puppies from filthy cages. I've lived in Reno my whole life, and it used to be illegal to by rabbits at pet stores because they were so abused, being given as pets in Easter baskets. I see they are back in the stores. Send a message that RENO CARES about such issues!

  355. Shannon Shreve, Reno
    I went to a puppy store recently in my reno area and look at a girl dane puppy. When we saw that her right side of her body was caved in (paw leg ribs) we knew she was a puppy mill dog. I was so upset! We wanted her checked out by a vet and then we request to be called back...never received call...

  356. Frances Lepori, Reno
    My oldest son lives with a Pit Bull, my nephew has a Pit Bull, my uncle has a Pit Bull and there is a Pit Bull that visits the dog park at the Marina regularly named Buddy. They are all must easier going than my chocolate Labrador. Shame on people for labels...these dogs are very sweet. It's the owners that are idiots.

  357. Marian Morales, Sparks
    Animals deserve to be our pets, they deserve to be loved and given a safe home. Testing on an animal should not be allowed, not in any state and for no reasons, why don't you test on yourself and see what it feels like to the animal! I don't want this in my home state, let's keep animal testing idiots out of nevada.

  358. Ashley Baker, Reno
    I don't like puppy mills. Its cruel for these young animals to go through such a thing.

  359. Debbie Black, Reno
    Please ban all Mills that involve animals.

  360. Maureen anderson, Reno
    I believe that I live in a city that has integrity and will explore doing what's best for these beautiful animals rather than from a place of fear and money.

    Integrity is when your inside match your outside.

    I trust on you to do what's best for the animal and end puppy mills!

    All my best

  361. Kelly Perez, Reno
    All Puppy/Pet Mills are horrible place for animals and should be banned everywhere.

  362. Erin OReilly, Reno
    Protect animals in banning puppy/pet mills. The store in Meadowood Mall is the newest selling milled pets and the poor animals looked miserable and were not well cared for. I walked out of the store, sick to my stomach at the conditions those animals were kept.

  363. Kaylee Thomas, sparks
    Glad something is being done about this!!

  364. Peggy wilkey, Sun valley
    I am so happy to hv puppy mills backyard breeders gone from Washoe, nv

  365. Moni Krebs, Reno
    No more puppymill puppy sales in Washoe County!!

  366. Carrie I, Sparks
    Put a stop to this cruelty and overpopulation!!!! These horrible conditions and treatment that these poor animals have to endure is unacceptable!!! They do not have voices, so us as ANIMAL LOVERS should be their voice and stand up and fight for what we know is right for these abused animals. They all deserve to live life in the right way with the right family and be loved and cared for correctly!!

  367. Brandy Ellison, Reno
    Adopt don't shop. For the people wanting their "Pure" breed dogs, please check for rescues that specialize in the breed you want. Many people are unaware of how many breed specific rescues are out there. If you're willing to spend so much money at a pet store why not spend the money in transporting a rescue?

  368. Kaley Volk, Reno
    I will continue to spread the word and let people in the community know the truth about puppy milling and where your dogs come from. This is no longer a necessity to buy dogs when there are so many other adoption agencies and animals that need homes. There are millions of other jobs people can find besides working for something that directly endorses cruelty. Sincerely, the caring Reno community

  369. Becky Ellis, Reno
    Working in Veterinary Medicine in Washoe County for the last 4 years, I was appalled to see how many uneducated people continue to support the three puppy stores in Reno, NV. These puppies are often sick when purchased and have pneumonia, upper respiratory infections, parvovirus, and major parasite infestations following purchase. It's time to run these places out of Reno PERMANENTLY!

  370. Heather Nichols, Reno
    We owe it to these poor animals that are abused to say we do not want this in Washoe County, or at least have a really good way to keep on them before we end up rescuing hundreds of disgarded animals.

  371. Melissa sutera, Reno
    We must stop this! This is animal abuse and neglect! These precious souls are depending on us to help them and give them the life they so deserve.

    The lively hood and animal rights depend on this! Puppy mills and puppy stores are abuse and inhumane. We must shut them all down. We must advocate spay and neuter laws and adoption.

    Puppy mills are atrocious and hideous. Puppy mills need to be shut down and illegal.

    We absolutely must put a stop to puppy mills. Dogs & cats should never have to endure such abuse and neglect. Nevada should follow other states and instead of puppy stores selling these malnutritioned abused animals should be adoption facilities. Breeding must stop until shelters are empty!

  372. Kim Jonah, Sparks
    Please help us end puppy mills and the sale of the neglected animals that come from these awful places in Washoe County!

  373. Brasilia Jimenez, Reno
    Most puppy mills breed for massive production of cash. They do not consider the dogs genes and health. All puppies look adorable when young but when most puppy mill dogs get older they start to show health problems or really bad behavior problems that can't big fixed or cost too much to fix and end up in our over crowded shelters

  374. kelly hyatt, Reno
    There are too many animals that need adopting, and so many animals from these Mills, end up there as well, adopt don't shop.

  375. Jen Peck, Reno
    Please stop the puppy mills and treat these dogs with dignity.

  376. Coleen Denson, Reno
    Please pass a law to stop puppy mills. Sick, Degrading and Cruel to continue this process.

  377. Jodie Jensen-Feist, Reno
    This facility is using animals for their own selfish gain. The animals are being treated horribly and the majority of them have been infected with parvo, kennel cough etc. Not only should it be closed the owners need to serve jail time for their heinous actions

  378. Marlaina Smith, Reno
    This needs to stop!! It is cruelty.

  379. Deborah McDowell, Reno
    I saw first hand a puppy mill in was horrific and the image is still vivid in my mind. Please support the end of puppy mills.

  380. Abby Tinseth, Reno
    Having adopted a "behind the scenes" puppy mill dog it is a daily reminder how awful people can be to animals.

  381. Susan Fenton, Reno
    Puppy Mills are horrendous and another form of abuse!! It's all for the almighty dollar, these poor mommas and babies deserve so much more :(

  382. Lori Mead, Reno
    Pet stores that sell puppies and kittens need to be banned. These stores buy from puppy mills whose conditions are worse than horrible. It is shameful that one of the leading counties/cities of the no kill movement, a city that can claim a 97% save rate allows places like pet stores to sell puppies from puppy mills.

  383. Dave Asher, Reno
    shelter dogs only!!

  384. Destiny Ahyo, Sparks

  385. cami lemons, Sparks

  386. Sara petersen, Reno
    The practices of people who raise puppies in puppy mills and sell them to puppy stores to be sold at malls and puppy stores exploit these animals for profit. These puppies and their breeding parents do not receive the proper nutrition or medical care they need. I am happy to be a part of this petition to stop this practices.

  387. Cheryl Wagner, Reno
    We can be the most animal and pet friendly county in the USA. Safe for all animals.

  388. Zane Walker, Reno
    Please help us shut down "Best Friends" and "Pets R Us" pet stores in Reno, NV. A link describing their atrocities are located here.

  389. Heather Walker, Reno
    Read the article about our local pet stores! That should make you want to sign. It is disgusting our the animals are treated!

  390. andrea lockhart, Reno
    If you buy a puppy direct from the breeder they are normally healthier and happier than a puppy mill puppy

  391. Fanny Muller, Incline Village
    UNACCEPTABLE !!! there are in our days many other ressources to get to the result desired without the killing or mistreating of animals in the name of GREED the disease of our society !!!!!

  392. Gail Hart, Reno
    Puppy Mill = animal Abuse and poorly bred dogs with multiple health problems

  393. Larry White, Sparks
    I feel any store selling animals should have to go through licensing similar to restaraunts and inspections by animal control and records can be inspected for shots worming etc if they fail to follow proper protacol suspension of license fines and second time loss of license and steep fine and suspension of county business license permanently

  394. Brittany Baker, Sparks
    Please shut these disgraceful businesses down!

  395. Rita P Best, Reno
    Breeders need to be licensed, and have animal health checks before any animals/puppies are released or sold. That said NO animal, reptile, living breathing creature should be sold in a retail store or mill processing. All fees are shared with local shelters, and breeders must have a community review and comments section! No more hiding or BS excuses!

    Puppy Mills could wouldn't exist.

  396. Leslie Carter, Reno
    I have seen the product of puppy mills and back yard breeders. Diplorable!!!! I support rescue and adoptions of pets!!!!!

  397. Sharon Friberg, Reno
    No puppy mills anywhere!

  398. Aubrey banks, Reno
    Why do these stores still exist????

  399. Raul Gamboa, Reno
    Please let's work together to stop irresponsible and careless breeders from gaining from such a horrible way of life.

  400. Pamella Anderson, Reno
    There are enough beautiful loving animals that need homes, puppy mills and breeding is just not okay. It's disgusting.

  401. Teresa Stever, Reno
    Gandhi once said a country's culture can be judged by how they treat their animals. No more puppy mills!

  402. Michelle Bennett, Reno
    I wan't to see places like this OUT OF HERE! So sad :(

  403. samantha hernandez, Reno
    Animals should have the freedom to walk on ground, people should take their eyes off money ans gain some respect for animals also, many pet stores here in Reno support mills and everybody should take part in shutting them down.

  404. Sonia Garcia, Reno
    Stop animal cruelity!

  405. Alicia Nuszloch, Sparks
    Please, I kindly Urge you to Ban Puppy Mills for once and for good.

  406. Lisa Dixon, Sparks
    Tears me apart to see people making a profit on innocent animals that need homes & love. I wish I had a ranch big enough to accomodate then all!

  407. Diana Dixon, Sparks
    It makes me want to cry when I see these beautiful dogs locked up in cages. Dogs are much too emotionally evolved to be treated like a hamster. It breaks my heart and I want to buy up all those dogs, but then that would be supporting puppy mills. All I can do is go home and give my dog extra love.

  408. Teresa Bateman, Sparks
    Mills are terrible places and the poor animals are malnourished and kept in very unsanitary living conditions! The poor animals are being breeded way too many times and can cause disabilities in litters and cause major damage to the female!

  409. kirstin Bedard, Reno
    We truly live in an amazing city and the dedication that we give to our neighborhoods today helps define the direction of tomorrow. There are so many needy animals already who suffer and many good homes to offer them safety and love. Let's take the bad breeding element out of our city for good.

  410. Nelia Anisio, Reno
    Nobody should profit from another creature's suffering. Puppy mills should be deemed illegal and banished for good in all jurisdictions.

  411. Alda Breunig, Sparks
    Puppy Mills are disgusting! Please do the right thing and make them illegal!

  412. merri warren, Sparks
    Let's join other cities and ban these horrible puppy mills and end sales of animals that come from breeders.

  413. Loni Phariss, Sparks
    Do what is right for these precious and innocent lives!

  414. Pam Morrison, Reno
    So many wonderful animals available for adoption in Washoe County as well as nearby counties - there is no need for puppy mills. They are unregulated and an unhealthy and unhappy place for dogs and puppies. Money drives them to produce at all costs, no thoughts to the animals at all.

  415. Eric McDowell, Reno
    There is nothing nice to say about this topic so I'll leave it at no comment.

  416. Peggy Jacques, Reno
    Please, there are way too many homeless pets. Adopt, don't shop

  417. Joanne Yori, Sparks
    Rehoming loving animals through as many avenues as possible is the responsible thing to do. No more breeding for sport and profit in Washoe County!

  418. Michael Havercamp, Reno
    All life is sacred.

  419. Jessica Downing, Reno
    I once had to euthanize a puppy due to inbreeding which caused internal health problems after watching it suffer for a week in confusion. Don't allow any more innocent animals to suffer misery and death!

  420. Elizabeth Trump, Reno
    No to puppy mills!

  421. hari Lange, Reno
    Puppy mills are bastions of abuse and neglect. There are hundreds of puppies and dogs available at all time for adoption through local non profits and the humane society.

  422. Sarah Ptaschek, Reno
    There are tons of purebred rescues for the people who don't want mixes, and plenty of mixes for those of us who know their value. Why support the horrors manifested by greedy puppy mill owners?

  423. Elizabeth Shaw, Reno
    No more puppy stores please! There are enough dogs without homes. Let's end the madness.

  424. Jennifer Oropeza, Reno
    I've purchased 2 purebred dogs. One from a show breeder and one from a store. The one from a store has had more health problems than all the rescues and strays I've ever had. The one from the show breeder was on sale because she was a runt, and she's had many breed specific problems: knee injuries, eye problems, and allergies. I love all my babies, but from here on out I'm an adopter!

  425. Alisha Vargas, Reno
    Animals are not a commodity, they are living, breathing creatures who need our care.

    It's silly that this is still an issue since so many puppies and kittens are sitting in the shelter right now and yet some people are breeding more.

  426. Kim Dobrowolski, Reno
    It's about time we shut down puppy mills and their buyers! If there are no buyers there are no puppy mills!!

  427. Loryanne Rehne, Reno
    I would never ever buy a dog from a dog store. I have seen a few pop up lately in Reno. I only buy rescue dogs.

  428. Stephanie De Barros, Reno
    End animal cruelty everywhere! Please help, please share!

  429. Carol Baisinger-Criddle, Sparks
    I am proud to live and volunteer in a no-kill community, however to keep it that way, we need to end the senseless production of animals in "puppy mills." If an individual truly has a heart and home for an animal, they should be adopting from a shelter or rescue group.

  430. Wendy Liebscher, Reno
    I have personally known more than one person that has suffered because of buying an animal from a pet store only to have it sick and obviously from a mill. These mills are cruel and should be shut down as the people that have them are not interested in the animals just the money.

  431. joanne mcCluure, Reno
    Shame on them

  432. Leslie Carter, Reno
    I personally have ended up with a rescued Lhasa/Shitzu who is obviously the product of a horrible puppy mill. She is sweet, but you can tell she was not bred well.

  433. Amy Poetschat, Reno
    I strongly support ending the puppy mill trade! Please adopt!

  434. Deborah Banks, Sparks
    Stores that sell puppies and cats that do not get them from shelters should be closed. We need to stop the horrific abuse that goes on in puppy and cat mills. No self-respecting breeder would send their puppies to a store. We need to ban these operations in Washoe County.

  435. Linda Joo, Sun Valley
    The pet shops that sell puppy/kitten mill animals raised in horrific conditions should not make money off of the misery, torture and horrific deaths of the animals.

  436. Tina Bingo, Reno
    We need to do what we can to stop puppy and kitten mills everywhere!

  437. Bridget Leiva, Sparks
    We must do what we can to make sure no animal goes without a home and to rid the US of all puppy mills.

  438. Omega Zareno, Reno
    It breaks my heart when I see puppies for sale in a pet store. I don't spare any details when my children ask why I will never allow them to own an animal from a puppy mill. Selling pets in a retail environment should be illegal.

  439. M. Linda Vietti, Reno
    This is a small change in the law that will have a huge positive impact on our community, and it will further solidify our reputation as a leader in humane animal treatment.

  440. Patricia Fabre Johnson, Sparks
    We have needed this for some time, Washoe County is a leader in "no kill" and this is one of the final steps.

  441. Barbara Hunt, Reno
    Stop puppy mills! Animals deserve our respect and decent care in a healthy environment.

  442. Cynthia Mcknight, Sparks
    Please help, these animals have a right to a healthy happy life.

  443. Monica Quinones, Incline Village
    SAVE LIVES, adopt, don't shop!!!! Choose to save a life, choose adoption.

  444. stefanie holler, Reno
    We all need to stop cruelty to all animals! Whats the point in it.

  445. Mark Fleck, Washoe Valley
    The sale of puppies, kittens, and rabbits for profit in stores is well known for its cruelty. If this fails, Washoe County will not appeal to growing number of people that see pets as family members, not commodities.

    Please do the right thing. Though the public may not yet be fully educated as to the source of puppies sold in stores, and the deplorable conditions they are subjected to, we implore those with the power to stop this practice in the name of decency.

  446. Daniel Herron, Reno
    Stop the puppy mill industry in Washoe County.

  447. Sheila Danish, Reno
    Our shelters are overcrowded, we have good breeders and plenty of not so good back yard breeders. Whatever anyone wants is available without supporting puppy mills. Reno should be next following in San Diego's footsteps. What great publicity that would be for our biggest little city!

  448. Doris Lucchesi, Reno
    It is time to shut down irresponsible dog breeders. If you want a dog from a breeder buy directly from the breeder and let them police their industry. No more back yard breeders and irresponsible breeders.

  449. Doris Howard, Reno
    I'm happy to know this terrible trade will soon come to an end.

  450. Timothy Miller, Reno
    With all the animals waiting to be adopted at the Humane Society, ASPCA, and others, there is no need for puppy mills to exist.

  451. Chelsea Bibb, Reno
    Puppy mills are cruel and unnecessary when there are so many animals just waiting to be adopted from a shelter. My dog is from a shelter. I will never never purchase an animal again when there are so many in need of care. And btw my dog is the most awesome dog ever! Can't believe I got him for a small adoption fee

  452. Nicholas Gerow, Reno
    Just moved here from San Diego where they just did the same thing. Please enact compassionate legislation here too!

  453. Merrilyne Lundahl, Reno
    Let's grant all life the dignity of not being commodified by the cruelty and greed of pets-for-profit! Please pass this ordinance.

  454. beverly verona, Reno
    It is not fair for the dogs to suffer. They have feelings just like we do and they deserve love.

  455. Donna Ballard, Reno
    Laws are not severe enough for animal abusers. This would be an awesome step in animal rights.

  456. beverly verona, Reno
    It is not fair for the dogs to suffer. They have feelings just like we do and they deserve love.

  457. elise rosen, Reno
    in the interest of avoiding animal cruelty along with cost of animal control to the taxpayer, puppy mills should be disallowed in our county.

  458. David Holler, Sparks
    Don't shop, adopt!

  459. Katherine Bell, Reno
    I have seen some of the horrid conditions first hand these AWFUL puppy mill stores have, and the bad health of the animals!!

  460. Shirley Barbour, Reno
    Let's stand together and get this done.

  461. Tandy kertanis, Reno
    We need this to end ASAP animals have feelings and emotions shame on the people that run and sell puppies from puppy mills.

  462. Nearby
  463. Shanna Benoit, South Lake Tahoe
    Puppy mills are so cruel & disgusting!

  464. Karen Fardelmann, Carnelian Bay
    It is disgraceful to see the animals at Pets are us in Meadowwood mall treated so horribly. How disturbing that we can allow this to happen. Those poor animals deserve better.

  465. DeAnna Lopes, Gardnerville
    Those who. Are cruel to any animal should go through a mental health evaluation with results given publicly.

  466. Tracy McAteer, Minden
    When will the time come as a society that we all agree this type of stuff is not acceptable. Maybe it would change more rapidly if there were kids locked in those cages. . . stop this cruel and inhumane behavior of animals now!!!!

  467. Courtney Dukek, Dayton
    I can only hope and pray this cruelty stops sometime in my lifetime.

  468. Mary Bradley, Carson City
    This must stop. It's very upsetting and cruel.

  469. Linda Westwood, Quincy, CA
    I reside in California but frequently shop in Reno. A friend on Facebook posted what she saw at a pet store in Reno.I was shocked about the conditions she described in which the animals were being held (inhumane overcrowded undersized cages). Sadly the store in question seemed oblivious to such treatment. What's wrong with our world?

  470. kathy Hernandez, Carson City
    I love animals and especially dogs.We've rescued two ex racing greyhounds,and they've been the best pets ever.Our beloved female,Lucy has since passed away,but she had a wonderful life as our sweet male,Nigel still does.I don't understand people that treat animals like this.It's inhumane and disgusting!

  471. Nicole Middleton, Carson City
    Until breeders are tracked, there is often a good chance that cute puppy you get from a retail store was brought from an inhumane and cruel place where animals are looked at as nothing more than something to make a quick buck with. I would rather see rescues thrive but if people do buy from a breeder, I would like to see people use a reputable, licensed breeder.

  472. Jo Ann Woodsum, Truckee
    As a loving dog owner, the very thought puppy mills is too horrific to contemplate. Please stop this agonizing torture of companion animals.

  473. Debbie Kane, Minden
    Isn't it about time?

  474. Raelene Miller, Carson City
    I have seen too many broken hearts with children and adults who have purchased a sick puppy and had enormous vet bills, had to put their baby down, and the suffering these puppies go through. I hate the cruelty the adult dogs go through, their lives are so sad.

  475. Marian McAffee, Minden

  476. Shelly Hukkanen, Fernley
    I help with both animal rescues and the animal shelter in my area and it's incredibly sad and way more common than people realize. People need to be educated and realize how many shelter pets come from those mills, that's where many end up. Go to your local shelter and adopt a pet, don't buy from a breeder, because they are only in it for the money.

  477. Lisa Helget, Carson City
    I have been active in Animal Rescue since 2000 after adopting my first Saint Bernard, Bear-Bears. My number 1 political goal as a Candidate in Carson City is to build a high quality Animal Shelter since this issue has been ignored for decades! I will continue to help the mission of stopping puppy mills and ending pet homelessness through my volunteerism with many animal rescue groups!

  478. Minden, Mary Ann Finch
    No selling of dogs, cats and other animals while shelter animals are dying.

  479. Melissa McGuire, Carson City
    Animal mills are horrible, abusive places, that people use to make a few bucks. Animals are locked in tiny cages and forced to procreate until the point of illness and death. They are breeding grounds for diseased and dead puppies, kittens, and other animals. We will not condone this animal abuse anymore. Make it stop.

  480. Caryn ramirez, Carson City
    Please sign this! If you have ever been to "Best Friends" (I believe is the name) in Reno, you will know why. The dogs in their are very ill, are loosing hair and have scabs all over their feet! Let alone the horrible smell! The larger dogs are going insane in the cages as well. Horrible, horrible place!

  481. janie bown, Fallon
    all puppy mills should be banned. there are some breeders that are cruel and those poor animals are abused and neglected.

  482. Glenda Palmer, Hawthorne
    Best of luck!

  483. Craig swartz, Gardnerville
    End the terror

  484. Charlene Relvas, Carson City
    We currently have 2 rescues from Puppy Mills. After a year they've learned how to go up and down steps, roll in grass, eat their food without fear. Both have neurological damage. One has no teeth while the other has 4 that could be saved. PLEASE stop torturing these poor helpless animals as they have no voice with which to tell of their sad fates.

  485. Nanette Jenkins, Elko
    I grew up in Washoe County and all my family lives there. My Boston Terrier is a rescue from a puppy took me 2 months to get her to let me touch her. Just say no to puppy mills

  486. Yvonne Downs, Hawthorne
    Please stop puppy mills. Plan and simply, please stop them.

  487. Sarah Piper, Fernley
    There is no shortage of dogs or puppies therefore there is no reason to have "stores" people can buy them at.

  488. jackie Schroeder, Carson City
    Please end the madness! Ban puppy stores! End the suffering!

  489. Lynn Aime, Ely
    No more puppy mills. Eliminating them will certainly curb the number of animals in shelters. Thanks

  490. Kasey brewer, Carson city
    Stop puppy mills!! Adopt and save a life!

  491. Lisa Polvado, Fernley
    There are too many unwanted animals in our country, mostly due to irresponsible families/owners. Please rescue/adopt.

  492. Pamela Sauer, Minden
    We need throughout Nevada.

  493. Sarah Harville, gardnerville
    There are already too many pets waiting for good homes! Adopt don't shop!

  494. Katy Edmunds, Carson City
    Justification - watch Beagle Freedom Project's videos of lab and mill adult beagles seeing grass for the first time.

  495. Bruce MacDonalf, Silverpeak
    Own property in Washoe and plan to live in a Puppy Mill free Reno!

  496. Debbie White, Round mountain
    No more puppy mills-- there are plenty of dogs to be adopted at shelters & private! Please stop the overpopulation!

  497. Edith Crowe, Carson City
    We rescued a puppy-mill female that was forced to have a litter every six months. She passed away way too young because of someone's greed.

  498. Ryan Gilly, Carson city
    So awful!

  499. Scott VanderMolen, Las Vegas
    This is long over due & needs to happen everywhere.

  500. Jackie Casano, Las Vegas
    Puppy mills are cesspools of suffering. The animals bred in them live in squalor, filth and misery. We have seen expose after expose and yet nothing is done! No legitimate, responsible breeder puts their animals up for sale in pet stores. I implore the Washoe County Board and/or City Council members to do the right thing and ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits from pet stores.

  501. Silvia Nelles, Las Vegas
    Please do not allow these poor dogs to continue to be used to breed over and over again in deplorable conditions and neglected to the point of animal abuse. These breeders do not care about the integrity of the breed. They are just in it for the money. I naively purchased two and now have all kinds of medical and behavioral issues. Stop them please!

  502. aly alkire, Fernley
    There are so many innocent animals bred for money. These greedy and selfish people need to be stopped. The cruelty must be stopped. There is a light at the end of the tunnel little guys.

  503. Melissa Boyd, Las Vegas
    Ban should be in place in every county in Nevada, then throughout the United States

  504. Jennifer Herring, Carson City
    This is an important issue to me. I hope to some day live in a country without puppy mills. Lets help end the suffering of innocent animals. There are so many wonderful animals in shelters awaiting homes now.

  505. Annoula Wylderich, Las Vegas
    Retail sales of pets affects and contributes towards the euthanasia of other healthy animals in shelter facilities. Additionally, numerous investigations of suppliers to pet retail establishments have shown routine neglect and cruelty to animals. Let's not contribute to this any longer. It's time to ban retail animal sales.

  506. Miss Gillis Colgan, Carson City
    Why have these not been closed yet? Sales tax, perhaps.This is NOT about money, it's about safe guarding the defenseless.If you cannot protect dogs and puppies, how can your voters feel you would protect THEM over money. STOP THIS NOW!

  507. Deena Cahill, Carson city
    People who buy from these establishments don't know that they are facing huge vet bills and heartache due to illness and compromised breeding standards.

  508. Barbara Fish, Minden
    Puppy mills are wrong! Plain and simple.

  509. Jen seeber, Carson city
    Please stop selling these poor animals in stores... They deserve better lives in the first place:(

  510. Anne Hill, Smith
    Pet stores need to sell dogs from the shelter. There are plenty of puppies and pure breed puppies and dogs at the shelter that need homes. Don't need to be promoting the breeding of dogs by selling them and profiting these puppy mills.

  511. Debra Ross, Gardnerville
    No more support to puppy mills

  512. Genevieve Rojas, South Lake Tahoe
    The filth, sadness, lack of vet care, and exposure to harsh weather climates is appalling enough to stop the inhumanity that is puppy mills.

    It is not enough that the conditions of puppy mills are cruel to shut down? Not only this but their production add to the overflow many homeless in shelter who are euthanized because of over breeding. STOP PUPPY MILLS PLEASE..

  513. gladys turissini, Gardnerville
    No puppy mills should be allow to people whose sole purpose is to make money. We need stronger laws to protect these innocent creatures from criminals.

  514. Zaide Diaz Sanchez, Carson City
    There is definitely no need for inhumane puppy mills when there is plenty of responsible home breeders and many adoption agency's with full breeds and also local shelters who have 100's of dogs in needs of homes. Please stop puppy mills!

  515. Kae Ward, Fallon
    Not regulated, hard to regulate and almost always results in neglect and abuse to breeding animals, just not right.

  516. Lois Stokes, Carson City
    Too many pets in animal shelters. Pet store animals aren't any healthier than shelter pets. Because of this, many pet store pets become animal shelter pets.

    Most of the breeding dogs are sick & unhealthy. How do you get quality puppies from chronically ill parents?

  517. Gayle Koenig, Tahoe City
    This so so sad and wrong on every level! THIS HAS TO STOP!!!

  518. Brenna Taylor, Fairfield, CA
    Puppy mills are a disgrace to mankind. It basically is a point that it's okay to be inhumane and non compassionate. I lived in Reno and it's sad that it makes it out to every state. Even the American Kennel Club supports puppy mills. Something needs to be done with this grotesque nightmare. They deserve to enjoy life and pursue happiness like the rest of us.

  519. Lora Gerchman, Fernley
    Puppy mills are sick and inhumane!! They should be banned and nobody should profit off such horrible practices!!!

  520. Roberta Tachera, Fallon
    Puppy mills are abusive concentration camp homes. Appalling. It must stop NOW

  521. Adriana Alvarez, Las Vegas
    Puppymills are TORTURE! Animals born from these mills are always sick and suffer from illnesses their entire lives! Animals used for breeding purposes are subjected to the most deplorable living conditions. With so many animals in shelters needing loving homes, WHY continue with this disgusting practice?

  522. Karen L. Winters, Minden
    Washoe County has a lot of Rescue Groups available to provide wonderful pets! Stop allowing animal abusers to sell here!

  523. Mary Beaver, Carson City
    We must get rid of puppy mills,most times these animals are sick and there are so many loving animals who want a forever home in our shelters.Let's save these beautiful animals.Please stop the puppy mills.

  524. Asha Anderson, Gardnerville
    Be kind. Help end puppy mills.

  525. Mary Long, Tahoe City
    The bumper sticker I once saw spoke volumes: Don't breed or buy while shelter animals die. In addition, the use of animals as breeders is very rarely has the animals welfare involved. Repeated forced pregnancies would be a miserable existence. Please put an end to the retail establishments that perpetuate his misery, and the people that make a buck by forcing animals to breed.

  526. Donna Cochran Baker, Silver Springs
    I'm an Independent Animal Rescue worker and have seen these puppy mills. I have seen their disgusting living conditions and lack of medical and humane treatment. I have rescued them out of kill shelters after their owners tossed them there, when they no longer produce "quaility puppies". Please sign and support this bill!

  527. Lora Gerchman, Fernley
    Puppy mills cause health issues within the breed of the animals causing discomfort to the animal. Puppy mills also mistreat the female and male by locking them away never to play only to breed never to socialized and then to be discarded like trash when they become to old or had to many litters.

  528. Heather Artrup, Fernley
    People should start adopting animals from local shelters, not only are you saving a homeless, innocent animal, you are saving your money by paying a small fee and your new best friend already has it's shots and is neutered or spayed. People should stop breeding/selling or buying animals for a small fortune, adopt an animal today

  529. Claire Ponn, Carson City
    There is NO EXCUSE for this brutality!

  530. Leslie Sieben, Genoa
    Dogs and cats experience love pain and fear just as we do

  531. Teresa Pence, Carson City
    Animals are the true gems of this world. Loyal, loving and expect nothing. Please help. Please.

  532. Crystal Pacheco, Carson City
    That is wrong animals are our family too! We love them as much as our children.

  533. Sherry Duncan, Dayton
    I'm so glad Washoe County is trying to stop the puppy mills. We got rid of the stores that were selling dogs from puppy mills. Now Washoe needs to do the same to end the suffering these dogs endure so someone can make money off them. Any pet store that has many puppies IS getting them from the mills. They won't admit it, but we know it's true. Good these animals please.

  534. Kristine Lester, Gardnerville
    I have a puppy-mill rescue. She was born with eye/nose issues that require daily medication because of the sub-standard breeding at the mill.

  535. Kynthia Rosgeal, Las Vegas
    You would think, that by now, with all the videos showing the barbarity practiced by puppy mills, this petition should even be a question. Enough, animals are living creatures.

  536. Tracy hoerth, Carson city
    Save the innocent!!!

  537. Charal Stewart, Sparks
    There are more than enough animals to go around to needy families without having to import them from animal mills. Please, don't let this continue in our area!

  538. Vanessa burgeon, Minden
    All puppy mills should be shut down!

  539. MEGHAN KIRWAN, Quincy
    Puppy mills are an inhumane and unethical business practice solely created and promoted for monetary value. puppy mills over breed females and inbreed sibling animals on a regular basis. Conditions are HORRIBLE because of a lack or regulations on mills. The practice is unacceptable.

  540. Twana Johnson, Carson City
    There are so many dogs that need rescuing. Please consider that before buying a puppy from a pet store. The dogs in puppy mills are treated horribly.

  541. Edra L Bullock Case, Dayton
    You have no idea of the suffering of the animals who have litter after litter only to be bred again after as little as just a couple of days. They are not cared for nor loved. Please stop this.

  542. Kat Simmons, Gardnerville
    Please end this cruel business. They are not things and there are so many dogs that need adopting now. Puppy mills are little prisons and they need to stop. It is time to stop this cruel factory farming of puppies. It is no secret what conditions most of these dogs live in. They are not things to be exploited and profited off of. There needs to be laws outlawing such deplorable conditions, and we need to educate people to not buy puppies from mills. Enough is enough.

  543. Melissa Haynes, Dayton
    This can't be allowed to continue! These poor souls are born in to a environment where they receive the minimum of basic needs. These people are in it for money and nothing else. They sell these animals, who a high percentage of the time, end up abandoned, in a shelter or if lucky at a rescue. They are frighten and do not know the kindness of humans or the touch of a loving hand. PLEASE stop them!

  544. Wes coons, Moundhouse
    Shut these places down. Horrible people with an even worse purpose.

  545. Gail Gustafson, Carson City
    The abuse of these animals and the resulting deaths are cruel and uncaring. As humans, we have brains that should automatically tell us these practices are wrong. If people can't figure it out on their own laws should be passed to protect these helpless animals.

  546. Shala Loper, Dayton
    There is no need for any animal to have to live like this. Please let's stop these horrible humans from doing this. No more puppy mills or pet stores that abuse and neglect animals. It's all about greed and nobody should profit from abuse

  547. Julie Ludlow, Las Vegas
    As a civilized society, we cannot allow the continued suffering of animals in puppy mills.

  548. Anita Grace, Las Vegas
    I am totally against PUPPY MILLS !

    it's beyond CRUEL !!!

    It's against the law to put dogs in harms way !!! It's HEARTBREAKING !!!

    My Husband & I used to live there, years ago.(FLAMINGO HILTON) We visit from time to time.
    Had a business there, had 2 horses in Washoe Valley ~

  549. terri molina, truckee
    come on humans!! educate yourselves regarding puppy mills. it is the right thing to do for all!!

  550. Kim scheetz, Gardnerville
    These puppy mills need to be shut down. They don't care if the puppies are sick and dying. All they care for is the money they get for them.

  551. Jacqueline Earnshaw, CPDT-KA, Susanville
    I have been horrified to realize Reno tolerates the sale of puppy mill puppies. Please put an end to this.

  552. Lauren Cumings, Gardnerville
    I am a licensed veterinary technician and I am sick of puppy mill puppies with parvo, pneumonia , distemper etc!

  553. naomi oligney, Dayton
    Too many unwanted dogs & cats. We need to clear out our Animal Shelters that are over crowded.

  554. Yvonne Downs, Hawthorne
    All puppy and cat mills need to end. There are several here in Mineral County I would like to see stopped. Let's start somewhere!

  555. Lori Anderson, Minden
    There are already so many unwanted pets/animals, why make more just so some people can line their pockets? They don't have the animal's best interests at heart.

  556. Grace Barton, Carson City
    Please stop the needless breeding of dogs and cats. There are so many homeless being put to death and the ones being breed for sale are not monitored for health or abuse. Thank you.

  557. Melissa Madera, Carson City
    We have enough dogs, cats, and other animals at the no-kill shelters in Washoe County. There is no need to further the suffering of these living creatures by continuing to support pet stores that make profit on the backs of suffering helpless animals. Please end this madness today. Ban these sales.

  558. Nancy Hinds, Virginia City
    Any mills are detrimental to animals. There's no good reason to have these in operation when there are so many animals in shelters and at rescue groups. If you need a specific purebreed- go to a rescue group.

  559. cheryl fralinger, Carson City
    We must stop this horrendous practice. All animals deserve better.

  560. Traci Haakinson, Smith
    Puppy mills and what goes on behind the scenes are devastating to animals. Please wake up!

  561. Jennifer Menough, Fernley
    Please stop the needless cruelty of Puppy mills and their utter devastation.

  562. Mary Crawley, Minden
    I grew up in Reno and used to visit the pet store in Park Lane Mall like everyone else my age. Now that I know the truth behind the puppies, I'm saddened and disgusted. Passing through meadowwood mall next to that store is horrifying. PleasePleasePlease make our area puppy mill free.

  563. Keri Champagne, Carson City
    Nothing good comes from puppy mills. The breeding animals are horribly mistreated!!!! No creature great or small should ever have to exist in such a place.

  564. Rachel Thomas, palm desert
    Puppy Mills are evil. Our country puts thousands of dogs down a day and puppy mills continue to breed and sell. The conditions these poor dogs live in are deplorable. Often they die before ever knowing that a human can be kind and living outside a kennel isn't a luxury. Please have a conscience and ban puppy mills in Reno/Sparks/Washoe.

  565. Angie Hook, carnelian bay
    Every time I drive past the Puppy Store on South Virginia, I want to pull over and protest!!!!!!! Thinking about making it happen!

  566. Lanya Ramirez, Tonopah
    Millions of Animals are being killed every year Breeding in puppy mills has got to stop ! Pet shops are now , adopting animals out of shelters to do their part in rescue . SPAY and NEUTER cannot be pushed enough . Puppy mills are a big part of this problem !

  567. Renee Delprete, Gardnerville
    Puppy mills are inhumane, people who own or operate them are in it strictly for money not the well being of the animal. These poor animals live in deplorable conditions and shown no love or affection. Please put an end to this abuse!!!!

  568. Lois Stokes, Carson City
    Please end the animal cruelty created by puppy & kitten mills where profit dictates care (lack of care) of the animals. I personally have never & will never purchase a pet. Our family always adopts to stop overcrowding in the shelters.

  569. Amanda Roney, Gardnerville
    I bought a puppy mill puppy in Reno a couple years ago thank god she's still alive she had 2 ear infections when I got her that we're really bad. But we treated her and she is ok! I love her but people need to realize that buying from there is just supporting them. Yes your saving a dog but your keeping them going which I did not know until after I got her. It needs to stop they need to go away

  570. Lisha Eversole, Round Mountain
    No puppy mills. The treatment is horrible and animals deserve better!!

  571. Erin Peneueta, Gardnerville
    I appreciate that you added unless the dog or cat is from a local shelter or humane society. Those animals need all the help they can get! Thank you for taking the initiative to help stop this problem. We need to make it a law across the country!

  572. Lynne Bobo, Minden
    This must end.

  573. Jaime Sammons, Fallon
    This is a step toward a better Reno!

  574. Kathryn Aldridge, Gardnerville
    OF COURSE puppy mills should be banned....EVERYWHERE.

  575. Cynthia Kennedy, Virginia City
    Stores that sell puppies or kittens should be outlawed. I'm not talking about pet adoptions at pet stores.

  576. Pamela Sauer, Minden
    Please please put this into effect. It is very needed especially I understand in rural Nv near LaHauton.

  577. Berenice Rios Vargas, Carson City
    It is our responsibility to ensure that animals are treated humanely, and that homeless animals get a bigger opportunity to get adopted.

  578. Joyce baldauff, Stateline, NV
    End the torture of defenseless animals.

  579. Kim Herr, Elko, NV
    Puppy Mills should never exist !!

  580. Linda Satchwell, Graeagle, CA
    I have been rescuing dogs from Washoe Co. Regional Animal Services for nearly 10 years. Puppy mills not only are a terrible form of abuse for the mothers, many of the puppies are sick and die. AND, we don't need more puppies. If you want a puppy, go to the shelter, get a healthy one, save a life...actually you'll be saving 2 or 3 or more lives. Don't support puppy mill breeder's greed & abuse.

  581. Carmen Duncan, Fernley
    There is no reason for these mills, with all of the animals in shelters. Also they don't take care of them, just money making.

  582. Carrie Cobb, Carson City
    Let's get these people out of Nevada/Reno and Sparks.

  583. Brigitte Koehler, Fallon
    We need to do away with puppy mills

  584. Barbara Espinoza, Fernley
    Get rid of these low lifes. Those poor puppys do not deserve this type of disgusting lives nor do their poor parents living in such terrible situations.

  585. Deborah K deJarnette, Carson City
    And while you're at it, outlaw all breeders. There is no reason to breed more animals while there are loving pets being euthanized in shelters every day ... breeders are greedy people ... bottom line. RESCUE and save lives.

  586. Erin Evans, Las Vegas
    Puppy mills are disgusting. I see the pet stores when I come to Reno (about once a month) and it makes me sick.

  587. Caroline Ochoa, Carson City
    Is Carson City animal shelter also a no kill shelter ? And do we also support the puppy mill free ?

  588. Patricia Tanttila, Lovelock
    There are so many lovely animals in shelters that need homes--let's find forever homes for them rather than breeding more!

  589. Kris Brown, Smith
    We have a small rescue in Yerington. There are plenty of rescue dogs, large and small. No need to import puppy mill puppies to sell at retail.

  590. Jazmin korte, Fernley
    Puppy mills are so sad. Please adopt!

  591. Sharon Bushnell, Gardnerville
    Please outlaw puppy mills. I wish we could outlaw breeders of any kind. These precious dogs deserve so much more.

  592. Memory Trambley, Truckee
    We adopted two beautiful black 7 mo old littermate kittens at the Washoe Co. Shelter in Reno. Anything you want: breed, temperament, age, color is or will be available at a shelter.

  593. Mary Long, Tahoe City
    I would like to see the Puppy Place on South Virginia sell only shelter animals as well as the shop in Meadow Wood Mall. Although I am not a resident of Washoe County I board two horses there, visit weekly, and do a majority of my shopping in Reno.

  594. Jana Menard, South Lake Tahoe
    Please make the sale of puppies and puppy mills illegal. Please stand for compassion and integrity. Thank you.

  595. Patricia Martin, Dayton
    Please stop these puppy mills so many animals have to suffer for greed

  596. Dawnitta (Dawn) Barr, Henderson
    I have worked for years with rescue groups and Therapy Dog organizations and I have seen the pain and sadness animals who are abused, neglected and left to fend for themselves feel each day.

    There is no need for puppy mills to exist period when there are so many lovely unwanted animals waiting to be adopted

  597. Marian Mcaffee, Minden
    Too many animals in shelters; adopt!!! No more puppy Mills and the endless breeding of dogs?

  598. Mike Dzyak, Carson City
    Too many animals need adoption to allow these puppy manufacturers to continue fleecing the public with sick animals while exhibiting inhumane treatment of the pups in their care

  599. Jennifer Greenwood, Carson City
    We need to END the needless suffering and death of innocent animals by taking a strong stance against puppy mills. Any life, whether human or animal, is so very precious. It is our responsibilty to value each and every life and to speak for those who cannot.

  600. Esta Lewin, South Lake Tahoe
    Not only do puppy mills produce sick animals and keep them in deplorable conditions, but they greatly add to the oversupply of animals who end up being put down (a polite way of saying "killed"). Please make these operations illegal in Reno!

  601. Gay Johnson, Silver Springs
    There are so many rescue groups in this area there is no need for animals to be bred strictly for sale. Adopt a homeless animal and you will be rewarded two fold. Puppy mills should be complete illegal. There are enough breeders out there, we don't need puppy mills just to line someone's pocket with money.

  602. John Neary, Tahoe City
    Puppy mills MUST be eliminated - puppies are not products, and should not be treated as such!

  603. Deborah Kent, Fallon
    I have been rescuing dogs for 20 years?.please stop this cruel and inhumane practice, and let's put these mills out of business!

  604. Jean Dieter, Minden
    Let Nevada be puppy mill free!
  605. Rochelle Langston, Fallon
    Puppy mills are cruel, neglectful, and inhumane for dogs. They should absolutely not be supported or tolerated considering the conditions and lack of veterinary care/treatment they receive. I have seen first hand what the dumped breeding dogs are like. They have severe emotional and physical trauma that take YEARS to overcome, if they can be at all! Do away with the sale of puppies to pet stores!!

  606. Lynn Inouye, Coleville, CA
    Please make Washoe county animal mill free! I spend my $ on pet supplies only in local stores that do not have pets from animal mills and instead have animals from local shelters. There are so many wonderful animals waiting to be adopted in Washoe County, making animal mills so unnecessary. Living conditions in mills are inhumane and horrible. Please make Washoe excel in animal treatment!!

  607. Lorayn Walser, Fallon
    Please keep up the good work. We need something like this next in Carson City.

  608. Debbie deJarnette, Carson City
    Puppy mills are despicable and inhumane. The breeders profit and the animals suffer. Puppy mills should be outlawed and the breeders prosecuted.
  609. Kim Rhoades, Fallon
    Please, don't shop ~ adopt! These animals are prisoners of greed! Our shelters are over crowded & animals are euthanized daily to make room for more animals coming through the door. So many precious lives wasted because of over breeding. There's no excuse to run a puppy, kitten or rabbit mill. Puppy mills are criminal & these greedy people should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
  610. Maria LaPeire, Fernley
    I am a huge animal lover amd against animal cruelty and animal mills. I will help spread the word.
  611. Susan Paul, Carson City
    As the owner of a rescued puppy mill dog, this needs to stop!
  612. Ruth Dyer, Homewood, CA
    Please Stop ALL Puppy Mills. This is so barbaric and outdated. With all the Unwanted Dogs/Cats in the pound and at shelters why would they Bread Bread and Abuse those POOR Birth Dogs. You must stop all Puppy Mills. I beg of you
  613. Betty Thompson, Pioneer, CA
    Please ban the sale of puppies in pet stores to end the horror and misery they suffer because of greed in the puppy mill industry. Thank you!!

  614. Robert Anderson, Tahoe City
    Please ban puppy mill puppies from your beautiful county.

  615. julia richardson, Sacramento
    WE must stop all puppy mills as fast as we can no matter where they are, they are all bad! Innocent helpless victims held in horrid conditions eating garbage, laying in feces.. all to be sold(if they live through this).. only to wind up sickly. These people must stop. Do not buy pets from pet stores!!

  616. Janet Oppedal, Rio Linda, CA
    I am tired of people going to Nv and getting puppies not knowing what they are getting and then contacting me in CA asking me to help them rehome the dog they got. I have rehomed 18 NV born dogs in the past 12 months all with full registrations.

  617. Nancy Pea, Fernley
    get rid of puppie/kitty mills, they are very bad for the animals!!!

  618. Susan Richards, Minden
    There is no reason for puppy mills

  619. Judy Currier, Las Vegas
    Puppy mills are brutal places for any animals.

  620. Janice Ziola, Henderson
    I've been involved with the rescue and adoption of ex-racing greyhounds for over 15 years and I have always been an advocate for the humane treatment of animals. Puppy Mill are one of the worst forms of cruelty and they need to be put out of business and consequently end the sale of these dogs. We have enough unwanted dogs being needlessly euthanized due to people not spaying, nuetering,etc

  621. Nicole Margetts, Las Vegas
    Hopefully this will be a successful start to the end of puppy mill puppies here in NV and the rest of the nation. If San Diego can do it, why can't we?

  622. William Huggins, Las Vegas
    As someone who only adopts rescues, and has the legal limit (3) at all given times, I urge you to shut the puppy mills down.

  623. Elizabeth Mojica, Boulder City, NV
    Ban puppy mills!! They're terrible, cruel places!

  624. Reverend Jane Eagle, Graton, CA
    Only monsters make money by abusing others.
  625. Kelly Field, Nevada City, CA
    I thought Reno was better then this. We love our dogs here in California and we want to know . why is this part of your community? This town looks creepy when we drive down South Virginia street and see this. Hey Reno? Cant you try to be more appealing to tourists and your own community? Just wow

  626. Brenna Taylor, Fairfield, CA
    I lived in Reno for 11 years. I am disgusted with with this. Places like the dog store in the Meadowood mall need ro be stopped, along with puppy mills. When America can start caring for the well being of of every living thing and not money, then well be living a life worth living.

  627. Other States
  628. judyth tullberg, Custer, SD
    Puppy Mills need to be closed down due to the heinous conditions in which the dogs are forced to live year after year. When they become older and are no longer profitable as a breeding machine, they are discarded. If pet stores would not sell these puppies, the need to produce thousand of puppies would not be there.

  629. Debbie Borda, San Francisco CA
    No animal should be sold in a pet store - it is inhumane as it perpetuates the horrific conditions at the puppy mills that supply these stores with their pets.

  630. Stacy Pascal, Rockaway, NY
    These dogs are kept in unacceptable conditions. Sick, lethargic, NO water, diarrhea, and the sickest dogs in the back were kept in 90 temperatures. And had to listen to blaring rap music. Unacceptable.

  631. Melissa Whorley, Church Hill, TN
    This is completely wrong. These poor animals deserve a proper upbringing and environment. I cannot believe there has been no legal action against this place. I am glad I do not live in Nevada anymore. The whole state is going downhill if they are allowing poor helpless animals to be treated this way.

  632. Kristin Rall, Stafford, TX
    There are too many pets in need of adoption, there is no reason to keep breeding until the currently homeless are placed.

  633. Tracy Stedman, New York, NY
    It is a testament to our humanity as a nation that the movement to close puppy mills is gaining force every day. It is a business motivated by greed and dependent on the suffering of countless dogs and cats!! Please do the right thing and join the many other cities and municipalities that have created laws to ban puppy mills. You hold the power to improve the life of suffering animals!!!

  634. Shannon Szameitat, Broomfield, CO
    It is dangerous and unsafe to allow puppies, kittens and rabbits to be sold in retail stores because of the very dangerous breeding practices it encourages. There are already too many wonderful animals in shelters that will be killed to introduce more unnecessarily.

  635. Joshua Wrenn, Seattle, WA
    I used to live in Washoe County, I regularly visit & support the economy. I will not continue to do so if puppy mills aren't banned.

  636. gail groeneveld, wheatridge, CO
    I work for a dog rescue and see what results from allowing puppy mills ...selling those dogs in a pet store and all the horror to continue ..come on lets stop this

  637. Monica Odgers, Hartford, WI
    Despicable people involved in this disregard, neglect & abuse in ANY way must be fined, imprisoned, pay for their extensive psychiatric treatment, and do charity work. Humans must strive to be compassionate caregivers & protectors of animals. Humans are called to be stewards: compassionate caregivers & protectors of earth and its animals. Helping not harming. To create an environment where all sentient beings are treated with compassion and respect. Never to die needlessly or cruelly. These vulnerable, innocent beings have the right to live cruelty-free in peace.

  638. Debbie Baxter, Cloverdale, CA
    Puppies are defenceless animals. They need to be cared for. They shouldn't have to lay there sick and die. Please shut down these puppy mills!

  639. Ciera Lucas, Boise, ID
    We need to be a world, not just country, that protects ALL animals from abuse, neglect and cruelty. We need to treat animals that we use for meat and other products with respect. Don't hit them with pipes or prod them with hot irons, ect.

  640. James Sampsel, Merlin, OR
    Billy Howard rocks! Give that man a hug. Many hugs!

  641. Lisa Meese, Gnadenhutten, OH
    Puppy mills need to be banned in all states. There is no excuse for using animals for monetary gain if you are not going to give all the dogs proper care and I don't know of any puppy mills who meet that criteria.

  642. Crystal Files, Deltona, FL
    I am no longer a resident of Reno, but had the pleasure of living here from 2009-2013 and even adopted a pit bull from one of your local rescues, Canine Rescue and Rehab Center (CRCS), while living there. With the number of animals in shelters and being back yard bred I think pet stores should be shut down to increase the number of adoptions as well as to stop funding the inhumane puppy mills.

  643. wade whipps, burnsville, MN
    We must end puppy mills as soon as humanly possible. More often than not, the conditions of the breeding environment and treatment of the dogs are inhumane!

  644. Arlyle shaw, Oakland CA
    There are plenty of animals in shelters who need good homes. Puppy mills are disgusting, irresponsible, and inhumane. Stop feeding these businesses and prolonging the abuse!!

  645. Heather Whipple, Pensacola, FL
    Signed by your friends at The Bull Pit! Lets keep these mills shut down and make a better tomorrow for our furry friends!

  646. Edele Onas, Tustin, CA
    Stop puppy mills. Rescue a dog from your local pound or sheter. Foster one if you have the means. Many dogs are put down because of over population in the pounds due to these people who buy from the puppy mills and surrender them when they don't feel like taking care of them anymore.

  647. Ida Plata, Thornton, CO
    It's time to stop the insanity.

  648. Melanie Gonzalez, San Diego, CA
    Puppy mills are form of animal abuse. Please set the animals free and ban all puppy mills!

  649. Matthew Fleming, Augusta, ME
    I have a huge love for all animals and always have, if I had the funds I would probably save them all if I could. Until the last year, sadly I knew nothing about puppy mills, but the things I have learned and seen just turns my stomach and breaks my heart. I pray that in time all puppy mills will be a thing of the past and all the furry people will have safe, loving homes.

  650. Rosa Betancourt, San Jose, CA
    Please do whatever it takes to take down these monsters and save all those innocent babies!!!

  651. stephanie soscia, north providence, RI
    I am from the east coast but support puppy mill bans everywhere in the us and the world

  652. Yvonne Coada, Maryville, TN
    It doesn't matter if I live in Washoe county. Puppy mills are wrong, and should be stopped everywhere.

  653. Amy Briwn, Hill AFB, UT
    I grew up in Reno, NV. My mom, Karen Vigil helps run Northern Nevada Bulldog Rescue. She has taught me so much about puppy mills, rescuing, breeding, and dog training. I'm signing this for all the dogs out there who have been or are being treated inhumanly. I pray that we come together, shut these puppy mills down, and punish those who run and own them.

  654. judy parlin, pawtucket, RI
    I lived in Reno for eight years and it was one of the most beautiful places please don't destroy the beauty here by having puppy mills

  655. Kamiku Tenshi, Phoenix, AZ
    Where is the humanity in humans?

  656. Sarah Clark, San Diego, CA
    San Diego recently enacted a ban on the sale of puppies - its great to see you are considering also doing the RIGHT thing

  657. Barbara Krings, Great Falls, MT
    STOP this torture.!!!?greedy, heartless people?!!!

  658. Roxann Elliot, Englewood, CO
    With all the news about puppy mills and how horrid they are, I still cannot believe ANY of them are still open. PLEASE get them closed down and stop the pain these poor animals suffer everyday!!!!!!!!!!

  659. Deborah Fleck, San Diego, CA
    Ending the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores is the only way to stop the horrible cruelty of puppy mills. Make Reno a truly pet friendly city by promoting the adoption of pets from Shelters and Rescues.

  660. Billie Garcia, San Diego, CA
    Please put a stop to the shameful acts of these unscrupulous breeders who use dogs to make money and help contribute to the animal overpopulation problem that is plaguing our state.

  661. Dawn Allred, Tacoma, WA
    Shopping for pets only encourages puppy mills and backyard breeders. These facilities treat animals in a manner that no living being should be treated. There are plenty of animals out there needing homes that are put to sleep every day because people THINK they can't get the exact breed they want unless they come from a breeder. Educate the public that ANY breed can be rescued.

  662. barbara sklar, Vacaville, CA
    please stop the sale of puppies in stores

  663. Dawn Beattie, Vista, CA
    10,000 dogs killed every day?we do not need these horrific places?

  664. charles greenberg, woodway, WA
    let's all follow the lead of l.a. and san diego! no puppy mills and euthanasia will become a thing of the past.

  665. Kim White, Point Pleasant, NJ
    Thank You Reno, for being a Leader in Puppy-Mill-Free !!! I adopted a Puppy-Mill-Mommy when she was about three years old...263 dogs taken out in a Sheriff's Dept Raid... the horrific life that these dogs are forced to endure needs to co

  666. Amelia Smith, valley center, CA
    There are an estimated 400,000 adult dogs suffering tragically in approximately 10,000 puppy mills in the US. No natural light, no fresh air, inadequate heat and cooling, little or no health care whatsoever, bred on every heat. Stop the madness!

  667. Lisa Wiktor, Lake Ariel, PA

  668. Patricia Rodriguez, Seabrook Island. SC
    Puppy Mills are Animal Abuse. It's a fact! The level of cruelty in Puppy Mills is sickening. Those poor innocent dogs. What is wrong with the leaders in these communities? It's time to Ban Puppy Mills. Thank you.

  669. Joan Chapel, Albuquerque, NM
    We need to Ban puppy mills all across the United States of America!

  670. Poppy Hammond, Williamsburg, VA
    Puppy mills are a blight on society and a horrifically cruel way to raise dogs.. The victims suffer all their lives and live without normal comfort or human touch. The pups are often ill and inbred. Please do your part to stop it!

  671. Roberta Limoli, Burlington, MA
    I lived in Reno, NV for over 22yrs. and I had to surrender my lab who I resuced from a dumpster outside the Reno Hilton Hotel, I named him Rainbow, when I brought him into the shelter someone was already there looking for a lab, I just handed the leash to them and Rainbow was on his way to a wonderful home in Reno, NV. I support a free puppy mill, no more puppy mills anywhere in the United States

  672. Christine Loop, Madison Heights, MI
    Puppy mills are cruel and inhumane and need to be shut down in every state and country that they exist. They need to be deemed illegal with hefty fines and jail times if found in existence. There are too many dogs and cats dying everyday. Puppy mills are a HUGE part of this problem. SHUT THEM DOWN!!

  673. Pamela Cihlar, sunrise, Fl
    All puppy mills need to be terminated. People that breed animals for monetary gain & then stand back & watch as thousands of animals are put to sleep daily have no morals at all.

  674. Diane Soga, Dyer, IN
    This is horrible for these poor dogs to be used and used and then killed when you can't produce anymore. And having puppies with numerous health issues, not caring when an unsuspecting person buys these sick pups and is heartbroken when they die. As long as puppymills continue dogs will die in shelters too! GREED is their god!

  675. helen mohammadi, atlanta, GA
    all puppy mills should be shut down, millions of dogs are killed daily due to idiot people who turn them in, let them get pregnant and throw them away. Shelter dogs need homes and make the best dogs. Puppy mill dogs are sickly. Should be laws against them.

  676. Marianne Thomas, Phoenix, AZ
    I used to live in Washoe County and volunteered with SPCA of Northern Nevada. I saw first had the need to ban the selling of animals (perpetuating the need for puppy mills) in Reno and surrounding areas. Please ban selling animals and you will see the amount of homeless animals dying in shelters decrease!

  677. June Grieco, boynton beach, FL
    Finally, more & more people are aware of PUPPY MILLS & their horrific conditions & treatment of beautiful dogs right here in the United States. We must continue to end these inhumane activities just for profit. Thank you.

  678. tarrim bryson, Huntington, WV
    I understand the wanting of purebreeds, the pounds are full of them but to treat animals as breeding machines for profit only , with no consideration for an animals well being is unacceptable!

  679. Debbie Pascus, King George, VA
    As a former resident, I am very proud of the progress made to protect animals in Washoe County and hopefully the rest of Nevada!
  680. Marlene Mlinar, Aldan, PA
    Don't expect me to buy anything or stay in the area at my expense in a county that supports Puppy mills and animal abuse. …

  681. Julie Hipp, Spokane, WA
    I'm a former resident of Washoe County and would like to see all puppy mills across the world outlawed and shutdown

  682. Patrisia Rawlins, Mount Vernon, WA
    Please join with hundred of other cities and counties that have banned live mammal sales in pet stores as well as outlawed puppy mills!
  683. Michelle Hyllested, Rice Lake, WI
    This promotes your city as a humane, compassionate place to visit and live.

  684. April Cutcher, Massillon, OH
    If this fails I refuse to ever come to visit again….

  685. Denny Dumas, Brazil, IN
    There are too many animals in need of homes already to continue to produce more in a glutted market of reality. The greatest dogs come from shelters anyway, or in my case, a puppy mill dog that run away from an ungrateful home to live with me where she was unexpected but very wanted.

  686. Scott Evans, Hollywood, FL
    End Puppy Mills and those establishments that sell animals from these poorly maintained, unlicensed, animal torture chambers. Do the friggin right thing for once!

  687. Diana Alley, Nashville, TN
    Puppy mills are a sad affair for any area as they bring far worse afflictions than they do joy. Please ban the sale of domesticated animals. Do not let profits override common sense.

  688. Rachel Cosper, New York, NY
    Want a pet? ADOPT!!!!!

  689. Barbara Hershman, Swanton, MD
    puppy mills suck

  690. debra sanders, Silver City, NM
    all puppy mills need to be banned and stores need to stop providing the demand for puppy mill dogs!!!

  691. Mary Bozzetti, Bradenton, FL
    Please help stop the puppy mills.. ban selling dogs in pet stores.

  692. Cameron Deering, Waynesville, NC
    Stop puppy mills. Stop selling puppies in retail stores. License and inspect breeders and stop breeding misery.

  693. Karen Gossett, Gulf Breeze, FL
    Thousands of animals are killed daily in shelters. Please stop puppy mills in breeding more for profit. If they want to sell puppies - GET THEM FROM THE SHELTERS"

  694. Cara Olson, Santa Fe, NM
    Please end puppy mills in this county. I frequently visit Washoe County and am disappointed that this is still allowed.

  695. Darcie Lewis, N kingstown, RI
    The conditions in puppy mills are deplorable. The breeding animals are kept inhumanely in tiny, filthy small cages.They don't get groomed or receive affection; often they don't receive veterinary care. Many pups have congenital problems. The pups are often shipped too young and some succumb to dehydration, hypoglycemia, stress and infections, Stop sales to stop demand to stop puppymills

  696. tammy vanhoose, west van lear, KY
    If you have ever seen what happens to the mom's and dads in Puppy mills you would understand why we have to be a voice and support all puppy mill legislation and promote adopt don't shop ! Many survivors of puppy mills end up in gassing facilities across the US which is a long lasting ,torturous way to kill dogs/cats. End puppy mills and gas chambers in every state.

  697. Dawn Marie Anderson, Norwood, NC
    Puppy mills are plain wrong. Too many wonderful dogs are being euthanized in shelters and pounds daily. Be an advocate a save a shelter animal! End puppy mills and quit exploiting them for profits. We humans owe them that much.

  698. Emily English, Farmingville, NY
    6-8 million adoptable animal are killed on the taxpayers dime every year in this country. For every dog bred is another dog dead!

  699. Holly Smith, Monroe, LA
    If puppy and kitten mills/farms are banned then less animals will die in kill facilities, whether by animal gas chambers, EBI or heartstick as no matter the breed, all animals in kill facilities hold a small chance of ever being rehomed. Please stop the breeding and learn to adopt not shop and always spay and neuter.
  700. International
  701. Diana van slogteren, Netherlands
    End Dog Torture in Puppy Mills. Help Ban Sales in Reno!

  702. Jill Scott, UK
    Come on Nevada, lead the way and become a good example for the rest of the world to follow

  703. Mira Waly, Kazakhstan
    May the Almighty punish all people who abuse, torture or kill the animals in all fairness, but with NO mercy! Moral monsters!

  704. OLGA KOUGIANOS, Argostoli, GREECE

  705. gina temple, Hartlepool, UK
    Stop this sick fukin cruelty to animals

  706. rebecca hillson, Manchester, UK
    All our animals need protecting from abuse I can't begin to imagine what they go through and how it makes them feel daily year in year out plz help them and close all these terrible places

  707. lizette maas, Eerbeek, NETHERLANDS
    stop abusing animals...set them free and have a happy life.. animals ar entitled to freedom like we all are..

  708. Lisa Quintas, Matosinhos, PORTUGAL
    No animal should suffer like that!

  709. Kavitha P, Bangalore, INDIA
    Every animal has a right to live his life

  710. Molly Hsu, Taichung City, TAIWAN

  711. Lynn Harris, Bouchette, Quebec, CANADA
    I hope your community will join with many others around the world to ban the sale of pets in pet stores and thereby help close down puppy and kitten mills.

  712. Jayne Warner, Saint-Dizier-les-Domaines, FRANCE
    You need to stop the puppy mills and then the pounds will begin to empty slowly. Its inconsiderate and breeds defects apart from the intolerable conditions that they are kept in.

  713. Anita E Bridgen, Atherstone, Warwickshire, UK
    I live in England, we also have Puppy Farms.mostly in Wales.....but you don't have to have a farm to be a prolific breeder and puppy mill breeder, any shed, or even a room in the house will do fine! It is all because of the pure breed conception, and until AKC stop registering 80% of Puppy Mill dogs, giving these people credibility, it will never stop! It is all about greed, & your AKC are as bad!

  714. Patricia Woodall, Wheatltey, Ontario, CANADA
    Our Canadian rescue brings so many dogs from the US. It's wonderful to know that no kill is being considered.

  715. judith blanch, Merrylands, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
    All puppy mills should be closed down & any animal sold should come from shelters. There are far too many animals mistreated in puppy mills & their babies sold to mostly ending up in pounds anyway.

  716. mihael kuburdzic, pozega, CROATIA
    This must be stoped! There is so much cruelty to animals, and they dont deserve that...

  717. Michelle Nixon, Old Erowal Bay, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
    These facrtories are disgusting, Would you be happy if your family pet came from such a place, I think not, they must be stopped :/

  718. Arthur Yee, Landsdale, AUSTRALIA
    Please - the work we do now is the legacy we leave behind for our children and their children. Do not start their journey into life witness and thus, accepting the cruelty that we allow people to do the animals; whom we are meant to protect, care and love.

  719. Silvia González, Villayón, SPAIN

  720. Wendy Watts, Paris, ontario, CANADA
    These dogs live in terrible conditions. The puppies are often sick and malnourished. These living beings do not deserve to be treated as only a way to make money. They need to be loved and taken care of

  721. Kristiba Batcanova, Los Cabos, BC, MEXICO
    Im against animal cruelty!

  722. debbie moss, Durban, SOUTH AFRICA
    There are thousands of animals in pounds/shelters and puppy mills exploit female dogs for profit. Please stop this from happening.

  723. Melissa Raso, Melbourne AUSTRALIA
    Please stop puppy mills. Think of others not just yourself these puppy's deserve better than this please stop now.

  724. Alison Smith, Coldstream, Berwickshire, UK
    It's time to put a stop to this abhorrent use and abuse of dogs

  725. jennifer fancett, singleton, AUSTRALIA
    all animals deserve the respect of good care and quality of life. mass breeders are profit oriented and their animals suffer because of this. in the 21st century in a ?? civilised country this must be stopped and then the rest of the world will hopefully follow.

  726. Eleonora Kindel Thys, Sallanches, FRANCE

  727. limelda susanto, Jakarta, INDONESIA
    I care for the animals welfare.

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